An Informational Guide on Rabeeca Khan, Famous Pakistani Tik Toker

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Rabeeca Khan is one of the most trending social media celebrities nowadays in Pakistan. The reason found behind her popularity among her fans is via her TikTok page, which is quite famous among TikTok fans for posting lip-sync videos for their viewers. In a short period, she has earned around three million followers on TikTok. Here in this post, we will be discussing Rabeeca Khan Bio for her fans across the globe.

Rabeeca Khan Biography:

Rabeeca Kashif was born on 27 September 1999 in Karachi, Pakistan. She is pretty famous among her fans for her different talents like modeling, singing and acting. In addition, Rabeeca is also famous for being a fantastic actress, TikToker, social media star, social media star, internet sensation and rising YouTuber. She is a Muslim by religion. She is around seventeen years of age, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

In August 2021, she released a song named “Nazar-e-Karam”, which is now trending #3 on YouTube. She has also released many cover songs on her YouTube channel. Most of her videos usually feature lip-sync TikTok videos or vlogs she loves to make of different family gatherings or events. She portrays a cute and innocent smile on her face in every video, which is why most people love to watch her videos on YouTube and TikTok. 

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Educational Details:

Rabeeca Khan has completed her initial studies in a local Govt. school in Sindh. As per her age, she is currently studying at Punjab College Lahore. She is a well-educated rising celebrity in the Pakistani TikTok industry. 

Net Worth of Rabeeca Khan:

She has around two to three crores of Pakistani worth.

Family Details:

The famous Pakistani TikTok star Rabeeca Khan is the daughter of the late famous Pakistan industry comedian and actor Kashif Khan. She is an only child. However, Rabeeca has not disclosed any information about her mother to the media or the Internet. She has posted many pictures with her father, Kashif Khan, on her different social media accounts for her fans. Mostly, she is seen posting pictures with her friend by the name of Hafsa Khan on social media platforms. She treats her like her own sister and loves to go on different occasions and events.

Her Boyfriend or Future Husband Details:

Rabeeca Khan features an attractive and gorgeous personality. Being a famous singer, she has a long list of fans worldwide. Many of her fans and acting lovers worldwide are pretty excited to know what type of husband she wants to have or if she currently has a boyfriend or not. Let us tell you that she is seen uploading many of her pictures with her best friend, Hussain Tareen. He is also a well-known Pakistani model and social media star with millions of followers on different social media platforms. Both of them are seen supporting each other on the Internet. However, her relationship status is still single, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband. 

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Body Measurements and Physical Appearance:

She is a hygienic individual, making her feature a slim and smart body. Rabeeca Khan is 5ft and 5inch in height with a body weight of around 56kg. She has hazel colour eyes in original but also loves to wear different colour lenses to look attractive and gorgeous.

Career as an Actress:

She is also a famous actress. In addition, her first television appearance was in the trending game show Pakistan by the name of “Game Show Aisey Chalega” in June 2020. She sang her first song in that game show, “Aawargi Mein Hadd Se Guzar Jana”, initially sung by Munni Begum. In addition, she started her YouTube channel on 22 May 2013, which reached 850k subscribers and around 94 million views on different videos in a short period. 

Wrapping Up

To end this discussion on Rabeeca Khan bio, I hope all the questions which her fans like to know are answered.

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