An Insightful Guide on The Use of Porcelain Tiles

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As a product that is made up of using a very unique type of clay by exposing it to hot temperatures, porcelain tiles play a great role in the interior aspect of spaces, be it residential or commercial ones. They are also known to be a very cost-effective choice in comparison to many other types of tiles such as ceramic ones.

From indoor purposes to even outdoor ones, porcelain tiles can fulfill the job of good flooring, walls, countertops and etc. Taking a look at the history of porcelain tile, you’ll find that it originates from China from time as old as the 15th century. While it did spread amongst the Europeans, today you’ll find it globally a sought-out choice of tiling material.

The different types of porcelain tiles

As we mentioned above, porcelain tiles can be used across many surfaces in a house. Each purpose is enhanced in its own unique ways.

Stairways – While staircases are often made of wood, you can easily find porcelain tiles that imitate a wooden tone. This makes it a very inexpensive choice compared to original wooden options. With porcelain tiles, you also won’t have to worry about the possibility of wear and tear unlike with wood.

Flooring – Another common use of porcelain tile is for the flooring of simply any given space. Be it the bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. This is due to the fact that porcelain is not negatively impacted by water, therefore making it a durable choice, especially for wet surroundings.

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Walls – Alongside side floors, porcelain tiles are also great for the walls and are in fact a most sought option for the walls of bathrooms. Once again, the reason is in respect to the fact that there is no damage caused through the water. The availability of patterns allows you to enhance the space and keep it lively

Porcelain Tiles
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Countertops – If you take a look at the kitchen countertops or even the countertops of bathroom vanities, etc. they are often tending to be made up of porcelain slabs that tend to have the very same qualities as porcelain tiles. The finishing, however, is rather much similar to that of a marble.

House exteriors – Aside from the many interior purposes, you can also use porcelain tile to decorate the exterior of your house, be it the walkways, patios, etc. It gives your outdoor a sense of the modern look and would certainly add value to the overall property.

The advantages of porcelain tiles

There are many advantages of using porcelain tile. They’re readily available not just in color but rather in different styles and designs too for you to choose from. Their durability and lack of need for heavy maintenance make it the perfect investment. You also don’t have to worry about stains, scratches, and other damages when it comes to porcelain tiles. Unlike most tiles, with this specific type, you don’t necessarily require sealant through the years.

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