Buying Hetzner Accounts from Resellers vs Directly

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Hey pals! When searching to buy a Hetzner account, you have got a choice to make – must you purchase without delay from Hetzner or go through a reseller? Both options can make sense depending on your desires. There are a few professionals and cons to each approach. Resellers can provide fee-introduced services however at a markup. Direct gets you the bottom pricing but less hand-maintaining.

I’ve bought Hetzner servers for both approaches through the years for diverse tasks. There are desirable motives to apply resellers in a few instances and pass directly in others. You simply need to look at such things as fee, popularity, offerings wanted, and more. It’s no longer always a sincere choice!

Ok, enough rambling – allow’s bounce in and examine the ins and outs of buy hetzner accounts from resellers as opposed to without delay from the supply. I’ll spoil down the important thing elements to don’t forget so that you can decide which purchasing technique makes the most sense for your unique needs and budget. Let’s do this!

Reseller pros

First, let’s look at some of the benefits of going through a reseller. The big one is you get additional services beyond just the Hetzner server. Many resellers offer things like fully managing the server, providing DDOS protection, custom configs, 24/7 support, and more. So if you want more than just bare metal, resellers can add value. You also get an intermediary to talk to, rather than dealing with Hetzner directly for issues.

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Reseller cons

Of course, those extra services come at a cost – resellers mark up the base Hetzner price to cover their efforts. So you’ll usually pay 15-30% more compared to buying directly through Hetzner. Resellers also act as a middleman, so resolving server issues can take longer than going through them versus Hetzner support directly. And the quality of resellers can vary widely in the market.

Direct pros

Going directly through Hetzner gets you access to the same servers at the lowest possible prices. By cutting out the middleman, you avoid any reseller markups or fees. Support also tends to be quicker since issues go straight to Hetzner’s techs. And you know you’re dealing with a reputable provider directly, rather than trusting a lesser-known reseller company.

Direct cons

On the flip side, buying directly means you just get the bare server with no additional services or hand-holding. The support is more limited too – Hetzner expects you to handle server management yourself. So if you need more than just unmanaged metal, the direct approach may not suffice. You also have to deal with support issues yourself rather than having a reseller intermediate.

Compare pricing

To decide if a reseller premium is worth it, directly compare specs and pricing between options. Calculate the markup percentage the reseller is charging. Is it reasonable for the added services they provide? Make sure you’re getting good value for the higher cost.

Check Reputation

Vet any potential resellers thoroughly before buying. Search online for reviews and feedback from past clients. Are they well-regarded in the hosting community? Do they have a solid history and track record? Avoid fly-by-night operators selling Hetzner access.

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Consider needs

Think about your specific situation and needs. If you’re a hosting pro and just need the server, direct is likely best. If you need services like management and support, maybe a quality reseller makes sense at their pricing.

Decide the best option

With the pros, cons, and prices compared, you should be able to decide whether going direct or using a reseller is the better choice for your particular Hetzner purchase. Pick the route that gives you the features you need at a fair price.


When purchasing a Hetzner account, you can buy directly from Hetzner or use a reseller. Resellers provide value-added services but at a markup, while direct gets you the lowest price from the source. Consider your specific needs – if you just need the server, Hetzner Direct is likely best. If you need extras like management and support, a reputable reseller may warrant their fees. Weigh the pros, cons, and pricing to decide which purchasing route makes sense for you. Both options can be reasonable depending on circumstances – choose what fits your situation best!

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