Consuming Kratom Naturally – Here are some Super Ideas!

By Arslan Shah 4 Min Read

Kratom is a natural plant extract that is being increasingly favored for its medicinal properties. You can consider Kratom for mood enhancements for pain management and much more! But how ideally should you consume this magic herb? As is the case with plant extract powders, Kratom does not easily mix with water! 

The Many Ways of Consuming Kratom

Mix in Water and Make a Drink: A simple way to consume perhaps is to mix Kratom powder with a glass of water and drink up! However, this would lend a very Kratom-like taste to your drink. Stomaching the taste of Kratom may not be an easy feat for many since the flavor is not a pleasant one! Kratom has a distinct bitter taste. Besides, since it is not easily dissolvable in water, it will stick to the sides and the bottom of the glass, making it lumpy to gulp down! All in all, it is likely to be an extremely unpleasant experience to deal with. 

Try the Toss and Wash Method: This technique will ensure that you can gulp down the powder without having to taste much of its bitterness. You can mix it with orange juice, apple juice, or water. Take a mouthful of the liquid you wish to use. Now insert half the recommended dosage of Kratom powder inside the mouth and gulp down. Repeat the process for completing the dose. Use some orange juice to rinse your mouth off the bitter taste. 

Try Kratom Tea: The advantages of Kratom Tea can be enjoyed with this tasty drink. You can make it as a hot and refreshing drink and prepare a cool ice tea kind of drink. You can add the Kratom powder to your regular tea and boil it. When you heat Kratom powder, the medicinal alkaloids present within it are released faster. Boiled water in fact has no damaging effect on the psychoactive properties present in Kratom. They are highly stable at elevated temperatures. To sweeten it, you can add sugar, stevia, honey, cinnamon, or just about any form of sweetener. You may even add a few drops of lime juice to this tea. The acidity of lemon protects the medicinal qualities of Kratom even better. 

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Mix It with Coffee and Energy Drinks: You can add the powder to your cup of coffee and to energy drinks that you consume every day. This will make for tasty and healthy concoctions that you can sip on pleasurably. 

There is a Range of Products Available for Convenient Consumption

Kratom has been a rage in the markets of late. The growing demand for this herb has paved way for new products in the market. There are capsules like Red Vein Borneo Kratom that can be simply popped in like a pill. You also have soft gels, gummies, and lots more. When you look for a “Kratom shop near me”, look for one that offers an impressive range of products. Pick the one that seems to be easy to consume. However, make sure you keep an eye on dosages. 

When you buy from a shop that sells Kratom in South Dakota, know that these products aren’t verified by the FDA yet although research work continues to progress. You may wish to seek expert guidance before buying.


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