DALLAS FAST HOUSE SALE (Do) The Number One Reason You Should

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They grumble, they complain, they get out of their routine. They refuse to stay put and keep doing the same old things over and over again. And then it all ends up in the dumpster or garage, saving the environment without saving much time.

But what if you did it differently? What if you “closed” the showroom or office, yet kept it open for business? That’s exactly what happened at the Richardson location of DFW Fast House Sale.https://www.tvzoneuk.com/profile/official-watch-top-gun-maverick-online-streaming/profile


What started out as a temporary building for a furniture store became an almost permanent fixture for over 20 years in Richardson, Texas. Its structure may have changed, but its owners, employees and location remained fairly constant. And as this part of town grew and blossomed into a family friendly community filled with so many people eager to buy, the number one reason why this place thrived on was because it was always open.

And then! The time came when it had to close its doors. Trying to make room for the new, the latest and greatest. They wanted to tear it down. Demolish it and throw it into the river! But who can blame them? And thus, on December 29th, 2014, “The Number One Reason You Should (Do) DALLAS FAST HOUSE SALE” took place in its place.

When was this sale?

On December 29th at The Roger Floore Community Center in Richardson (21025 KRLD Drive), beginning at 8am. What was it? An auction! A great big, fat, fun and complicated auction that can be described in twenty words or less – but we’ll go on.

Offering Everything

The sale featured not just one particular type of furniture. It offered almost everything you could think of, from sofas to chairs, tables to love seats. For example, there were two lovely sectionals by Serta with over-stuffed pillows and a plush micro suede fabric that gave it a royal look. It also had a built-in ottoman as an extra seat with room for two more people to squeeze in between the two cushions when necessary.

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If you are looking to have a DALLAS FAST HOUSE SALE, we’ve got some helpful advice for you. There’s no better way to put your house on the market than having a quick sale in Dallas, fast and easy! All homes are priced competitively, making finding your next home easier than ever. Our services start at $0 and include free marketing, free home staging, free real estate photos and videos, 1-on-1 support from our advisors and more! Here at Dallas Fast House Sales, we’re not just in it for the money—we want you to be successful in selling your house fast so that you can move forward quickly with the next chapter of your life.https://www.brewldn.com/profile/top-gun-maverick-full-at-home-sfst997g7/profile


Our fast house sales are perfect for quickly selling your home without the hassle, stress, and cost of a traditional real estate sale. We only involve ourselves once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, and there’s no paid agent commission. We provide all marketing materials (fliers, flyers, Internet ads), staging services, take photos and videos of the exterior and interior of your property, help give you feedback on how to price your home competitively with other properties in the area. In addition to that we have 1-on-1 support available during our sales process which can help save you time on certain steps of the selling process. We handle all the marketing and sales-related processes for you, leaving you free to enjoy being a “Free Agent” and get on with your next chapter.

We make selling your home fast easy. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to sell your house quickly AND affordably in Dallas, Texas.

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When can I list my home with Dallas Fast House Sales?

We offer free listing services for the first week your house is listed! Since all of our services are included in the price we charge for our fast house sales, you’ll receive: 1) Free marketing and marketing materials 2) Free pricing advice, preparation, and consultation 3) Photos and videos of your property 4) Support from our real estate agents during every step of the selling process.

How many homes can I sell at once? We will sell on average about 3-4 houses per week!! It really depends on how many houses we have available at that time.


The infamous Dallas Fast House Sale is back, and it’s better than ever! This event has been an annual tradition in the Oak Lawn area of North Dallas. For 40 days you will find amazing deals on all kinds of items. What to search for depends on what you want to buy or sell! You are sure to find something new, used, or a mixed bag that you can use right now. Remember- if it sells out before the end of September, keep in mind that we will be hosting the sale again in November! We will be open from midnight to midnight closing- there is no other way!


A brand new Vintage Newspaper Sorting machine is available to buy for $10.00. This can either be used by you to begin sorting/sorting newspapers or sold immediately after the sale at a profit (depending on what you ask). It’s a lot of fun and gets the kids involved in your paper route!

A Vintage Vault-type safe is available for sale, it’s a heavy safe but has wide doors and plenty of storage space. It would make an excellent home safe or office safe, or even a small workbench. The price is $30.

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