Engage Kiss 9Anime: A Unique Romantic Comedy

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Engage Kiss 9Anime is a unique and entertaining anime romantic comedy set in the futuristic and visually stunning city of Veyron City. The series follows the journey of Shuu, a talented yet reckless young man, as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and pursues his dreams with the support of Kisara, a caring and compassionate girl, and navigates the complex dynamics of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and colleague, Ayano.


  • Shuu: A talented yet reckless young man who runs a small company and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Kisara: A caring and compassionate girl who plays a crucial role in Shuu’s life and adds warmth and companionship to the story.
  • Ayano: Shuu’s ex-girlfriend and colleague, whose concern for him brings complex dynamics and emotions to the narrative.


  • Veyron City: A futuristic mega-floating metropolis that serves as the backdrop for the story and offers a unique and visually captivating setting.


  • Self-Discovery: Shuu embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring his ambitions, dreams, and personal growth.
  • Love, Friendship, and Personal Growth: The series delves into themes of love, friendship, and personal growth as the characters navigate their relationships and emotions.
  • Resilience and Support: Engage Kiss 9Anime emphasizes that life’s challenges can be faced with resilience and the support of loved ones.

Unique Elements:

  • Slightly Unusual Love Triangle: The series explores the dynamic relationships among Ayano, Shuu, and Kisara, creating a love triangle with unique and intriguing dynamics.
  • Artificial Island in the Pacific: The characters live on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean, which fosters a sense of isolation and self-discovery.
  • Balance of Comedy and Drama: Engage Kiss 9Anime skillfully balances comedic and dramatic elements to create a relatable and heartfelt narrative.
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Engage Kiss 9Anime is an engaging and unique anime romantic comedy series that explores themes of self-discovery, love, friendship, and personal growth within the context of a slightly unusual love triangle and a futuristic artificial island setting. The series skillfully balances comedy and drama to create a narrative that resonates emotionally with the audience.

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