Everything You Need to Know About the Safer Driver Course in NSW

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If you’re a young learner driver in NSW, the Safer Drivers Course is a pivotal step towards developing essential safe driving skills for a lifetime of safe driving. 

What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course aims to assist learner drivers in enhancing their understanding of safe driving practices. It focuses on minimising risks and improving the ability to foresee hazardous situations through informed decision-making while driving.

Participants will engage in interactive classroom activities and receive practical coaching in a vehicle, ensuring that the knowledge and skills acquired extend beyond merely passing the driving test. This course is designed to be enjoyable, engaging, and educational.

The course is specifically designed for learner drivers under 25, aiming to instil critical safe driving skills. It addresses important areas such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, and maintaining safe driving practices even under distraction.

The Safer Drivers Course structure includes:

  • A 3-hour interactive group session with fellow learners, which encourages sharing experiences and collaborative learning.
  • A 2-hour practical coaching in a vehicle, shared with another learner, for a hands-on approach to safe driving techniques.

These sessions can be scheduled either on the same day or over different days, depending on what the course provider offers.

Eligibility for the Course

To be eligible for the Safer Drivers Course, participants need to:

  • Possess a valid NSW learner licence.
  • Be under 25 years old.
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 logbook hours of on-road driving, which should include some hours of night driving.
  • Finding a Course Provider
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The Safer Drivers Course is offered at various locations throughout NSW. To locate a provider convenient for you, search online with your suburb or postcode and contact the provider directly to secure your spot.

Importance of Quality Instruction

Choosing a course with experienced and competent instructors is crucial. A good driving instructor will significantly enhance your learning experience, ensuring that you not only understand the concepts taught but are also able to apply them effectively while driving. For learners with specific needs, it’s also worth inquiring about the availability of NDIS approved driving lessons to ensure the program accommodates all learners adequately.

In summary, enrolling in the Safer Drivers Course in NSW is more than just a step towards passing your driving test; it’s an investment in developing safe driving habits that will serve you for life. This course is an essential component of your journey to becoming a confident and responsible driver.

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