Everything You Need to Know about Whatsapp Shopping Catalogs

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WhatsApp Business is a very essential tool for businesses of all sizes. However, transferring several messages with a client can be inefficient and slow for both parties. WhatsApp Catalog is a great WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia tool that helps businesses share their inventory of products with customers in an efficient and professional manner. According to reports, WhatsApp is the third most popular social platform globally, with Facebook and YouTube leading the list.

Currently, it is only available on the WhatsApp Business App, but it will soon be available on WhatsApp Cloud API as well. Do you want to make improvements to the efficiency of your WhatsApp Shop? Here, you will discover everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Shopping Catalog within the WhatsApp Business App.

Intro to Catalogs

Because of WhatsApp’s popularity, shopping online via WhatsApp is now a standard method in a number of countries. However, the in-app purchase feature is not currently available, but it remains one of the best techniques for Whatsapp Marketing.

Businesses make use of WhatsApp most often to answer questions regarding their products and, occasionally, to accept orders. This has changed thanks to the launch of the Catalog Feature. The Catalog Feature in the WhatsApp Business App simplifies life for companies. What does it do?

What is a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog

Prior to the WhatsApp Product Catalog, the sharing of images of products with customers via WhatsApp was a tedious task. Businesses were required to send images in a series, writing down all the information requested. As you can imagine, this could be a long and tedious process.

The process was made easier following the introduction of WhatsApp Catalog. The feature allows small companies to showcase their goods or services on the App. This results in an improved user experience and a more efficient, faster efficient way to communicate with businesses. Apart from sending through a whatsapp broadcast, businesses use these catalogs as well.

When it was first launched in the latter part of 2019, the feature was initially available only in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US. The list of countries has grown for the past two years. While WhatsApp hasn’t released the list of countries however, we do know that the WhatsApp Catalog is currently available in several countries in which WhatsApp is extremely popular.

WhatsApp Catalog Features

WhatsApp Business Catalog is a list of services or products that WhatsApp Business offers. WhatsApp Catalog allows you to include all relevant information regarding these items or products. There are five fields in which you can enter the information:

  • Name: You are able to select a name for the item in the WhatsApp Catalog.
  • Price is: The currency is determined based on the SIM card’s country code.
  • Description: You can include a description of up to 5000 words.
  • Link: It is fascinating because you are able to direct users to a web page. After that, they can go to the checkout page, or gain more details.
  • Product code: Finally you are able to encode your items should you want.
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Businesses can share their entire Catalog or a select few items in chat rooms for individuals or group chat using other social media apps.

But what’s exactly WhatsApp Limit for Business Catalog? 

WhatsApp Catalog lets Businesses register up to 500 items. Each Catalog can have up to 10 images.

If you are one of those prone to running out of storage space on your mobile device, there is some positive news. WhatsApp can help you save storage space by keeping images within the Catalog. That means that they will stay there even if you remove the photos from your Gallery.

It is also possible to hide certain items. WhatsApp Catalog Manager also offers the option of hiding specific items. This is useful if an item or service is no longer available. Once it’s returned to your store, you can add it to your Catalog.

A thing to be aware of: WhatsApp has a Commerce Policy that requires you to be accountable for your transaction and terms. The policy also defines what items you are able to sell through the platform.

How do I view a WhatsApp Catalog?

To see the WhatsApp Shopping Catalog as a user, you just need to initiate a chat with the company you prefer. After that, click on the Shopping button that looks like a storefront. You’ll find the Catalog below the business information.

Companies can also share their WhatsApp Catalog with customers in the chat thread. Imagine that someone is looking to purchase an electronic mouse for your computer. The customer reaches out to the shop through WhatsApp to inquire about prices.

To facilitate things for both sides to make things easier for both parties, the business responds via its Catalog or a particular product. The customer, on the other hand, can use the Catalog and then share the item they wish to purchase via chat.

WhatsApp Business Users can access the Catalog feature on their Android and iOS devices. There’s more to it: This season, WhatsApp has made it easier for companies to manage their catalogs through WhatsApp Web or Desktop too.

To make a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog, you’ll require a WhatsApp Business Account. You can find out how to set one up here. Do you have one? Let’s move to the next section.

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What is the best way to Make a WhatsApp Catalog?

As usual, WhatsApp has decided to simplify things. You can make your own WhatsApp Business Catalog easily from your WhatsApp Business App Account. Then, you’ll be taught how to create a Catalog within WhatsApp.

Design Catalogs and Create them for Android

  • Launch your Messenger Business App and tap on More Options (triple dots) within the Action Bar. For certain devices, the option of More Options is an actual button.
  • Tap Business Tools > Catalog.
  • Select the Add New item.
  • Tap the plus icon and then select Add Images.
  • Select Gallery to upload stored images, or choose Camera to create new photos. You can upload the maximum number of pictures per product.
  • Enter the product’s details and click Save.

Make Catalogs to be used on iPhone

  • Start your WhatsApp Business App.
  • Select Settings to open Business Tools. Click Catalog. If you’d like to start a new Catalog Select Add the New item.
  • Tap the Plus icon to Add a New Item. Then press Add Images.
  • Choose Photo to upload stored images, or click Camera to create new photos. You can select the maximum number of photos.
  • Enter the product’s details and click Save.
  • Make Catalogs to be used on the Web and Desktop
  • Click More > Catalog to the right of the Contact List.
  • Choose Add New Items.
  • Simply click Add Pictures to download images from your file. Keep in mind that 10 is the maximum amount.
  • Enter product details.

Once you’ve created a brand new product page, you’ll notice an emerald green clock on the page. This means that your new product won’t launch immediately. WhatsApp will review the product to ensure it’s in line with all policies.

Usually, this process takes a few minutes. After the product is approved the clock will stop and the clock will be available to your clients.

After you have added all the items to the Catalog Share them as follows. Businesses can luckily connect with new customers through sharing Catalogs within and outside the application. 

WhatsApp Catalog Future Implementations

WhatsApp is the most-loved messaging app on the planet with monthly active users. The latest developments of WhatsApp Marketing Strategies suggest it is planning to make use of its global reach to be a part of the lives of more people.

In recent decades, WhatsApp has been experimenting with electronic payments and even online shopping. WhatsApp Payment, Catalogs along Business Guide are all pieces that have been designed to be used in conjunction.

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