Navigating Oracle Cloud’s 23D Patch Update: A Comprehensive Guide

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Oracle Cloud's 23D

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage has been enhanced with new lifecycle management policies in the recent Oracle Cloud 23D release. It now allows automatically transitioning objects between standard AI and archive storage tiers based on predefined rules. This helps optimize storage costs. Object Storage also now supports public read access, making it easier to distribute files publicly. Versioning capabilities have been strengthened with expanded metadata and selective version deletion. These powerful new features give users greater control and flexibility over managing and accessing their stored objects on Oracle Cloud.

Storage Service Updates

The 23D Patch Update enhances Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage with new lifecycle management policies. It allows automatically transitioning objects between standard IA and archive storage tiers based on rules. Object Storage also gains support for public read access which can be useful for distributing files publicly. Versioning capabilities have been improved with expanded metadata support and selective version deletion.

Integration Service Changes

Oracle Integration Cloud sees improvements in application and data integration capabilities. It now supports event-driven architectures with triggers based on changes to data in source systems. New pre-built connectors have been added for popular SaaS apps. Integration Cloud also gains enhanced monitoring and error handling during data replication workflows.

Analytics and AI Updates

The 23D Patch Update brings improvements to analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities on Oracle Cloud. It enhances Oracle Analytics Cloud’s performance when working with big datasets by utilizing a more efficient columnar data storage format. This allows faster loading of large volumes of data. New AI services are also introduced, such as Anthropic AI Assistant, which helps developers build conversational chatbots and voice assistants. Additionally, the update facilitates AI model management by automating tasks like monitoring model performance over time and detecting when models become outdated or drift from their original state.

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Mobile Application Updates

The 23D Patch Update enhances Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service to improve the capabilities for mobile application development. It allows push notifications to be sent to specific user segments, which enables more targeted campaign features within mobile apps. Developers can now access device location and sensor data from within their apps, opening up possibilities for proximity-based features that utilize real-time location or sensor inputs. Additionally, new platform APIs have been made available through the update to give mobile apps access to augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities. This expands opportunities for immersive AR/VR experiences to be created using Oracle’s mobile backend.

Resource Management Updates

From an IaaS perspective, the 23D Patch Update improves Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resource management capabilities. It introduces reserved instance pricing for significant savings on long-term commitments. New tagging conventions have been added to expedite cost allocation across business units or projects. Automated scaling policies can now be configured at the subnet level for elastic network management.

How Can Opkey Validate New Oracle Cloud Updates?

One tool that can help authenticate Oracle Cloud updates is Opkey. Opkey helps clients test Oracle Cloud with over 5,000 pre-built test cases. They provide impact reports for each release to help manage maintenance. Businesses reduced testing effort by 80% with Opkey’s reusable automated tests. The platform streamlines complex test management. Opkey ensures new Oracle 23D features and updates are thoroughly tested for functionality, security and performance. Businesses can automate testing and minimize risks. As an Oracle Cloud partner, Opkey can help validate new releases and implementations for the latest Oracle updates, including AI features, to fully unlock benefits.

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