Gangnam Tour Planning Guide – Start a Trip to Seoul Now!

By Zain Liaquat 4 Min Read

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is a famous city with a true fusion of modernity and tradition. It is also the best place for travellers to get a rich experience. The famous district of this city is Gangnam, which has gained recognition because of its Gangnam style, bars, boutiques and food centres. In simple it is worth exploring places when you visit Seoul. 

This guide will help you to plan your next trip to Gangnam and will help you to explore this exciting district. Also, if you are looking to get the best experience on one of the leading bars, then click at to get the best experience.

Gangnam Ten5 High-End Bar:

This bar is the most luxurious and allows you to visit it because of its attractive cocktails, excellent services, sophistication, live entertainment, and ambience. It is the best place to go to enjoy your nightlife and get an unforgettable experience cherished with many happy moments with your loved ones. Check out the services at

Apgujeong Rodeo Street:

It is the first place from where you should start your Gangnam journey. This street is famous for fashion and shopping. When you explore the street, you can discover many luxurious boutiques, brands and cafes. So you can enjoy shopping, food and watching experience in this street. 

COEX Mall and Aquarium:

After visiting Rodeo Street, the next destination to explore is COEX Mall, which is among the largest shopping malls in Asia. This mall not only gives you a better shopping experience but also allows you to explore culture. The mall also has an aquarium with thousands of marine animals. So it is the best place to visit. 

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Bongeunsa Temple:

Gangnam is also known for its peaceful side, where you can escape from the busy world. This Temple is among the skyscrapers that offer a peaceful place to go, so explore this destination, discover architecture, and join different sessions to get a better experience. 

Han River Park:

Your trip to Gangnam will be incomplete if you don’t visit Han River Park. It is the most beautiful park, which allows you to rent bikes, enjoy a picnic, and stroll along its banks. Also, it allows you to explore attractive skyline views. 

Gangnam Style Statue:

To enjoy pop culture, you must head towards a Gangnam-style statue. This statue is present in the middle of the COEX mall and celebrates the global process. So you can take a photo with this statue as a memory. 

Dining Delights:

Gangnam is also a famous place for food lovers. The place offers all types of Korean cuisine at restaurants. From barbecue to street food, there are so many tastes that you must check. Also, you can explore international dining delights to make your dining experience memorable. 


Gangnam is famous for many destinations and provides a better experience for shopping, scenic moments, bars, and more. Whether you want to explore fashion, city, bar or culture, Gangnam will help you to uncover everything. So don’t wait and plan your trip to Gangnam and its destinations. You will be happy to explore the modern and traditional style of this district. You will get an amazing ambience and services at, a high-end bar!

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