Get Your Product Image a White Background

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Product Image a White Background

First impressions can be extremely influential on the minds of buyers on e-commerce websites. As AI advances before us, it has become an increasingly important tool for e-commerce success. This spreads over to product images and their backgrounds.

White backgrounds in product photography are preferred and even required on popular e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon. This is because of a number of reasons like uniformity, professionalism, clarity, etc.

The shoppers have a better time gauging your product and are in a better position to appreciate its features such as colors, size, designs, and so on.

So, it makes sense why sellers choose to edit their product images to a transparent or white background.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that such an editing process is a tiring, tedious, time-consuming editing task that needs complicated software and skills. For businesses, this can mean digging deeper into pockets for manual efforts.

Luckily, with the power of artificial intelligence, ProductScope AI’s Free White Background Editor can help completely get rid of the superfluous effort in this process and give you numerous other benefits

Here’s why you should choose ProductScope AI’s Free White Background Editor

Seamless Change

You don’t have to fret over unsightly backgrounds or spend endless hours trying to figure out complex photo editing software.

With ProductScope AI, you just need to upload a photo (in JPG, PNG, or HEIC format), and it turns your product images into having a clean, white background.

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But why stop at white? ProductScope AI knows the importance of brand identity and gives you the tools to adjust your images to your preferences.

If you also want a splash of color on the background that speaks your brand’s language or add a shadow for extra pop – this AI tool gives you the option to do that, too.


Once you’ve fine-tuned your image, simply downloading it remains.

ProductScope AI makes sure that your edited photos are visually appealing, with intact quality and ready for all platforms as PNG files with transparent/white backgrounds.

This tool by ProductScope AI makes things more accessible to everyone without the need for expertise, saves time and gives professional results that can help your brand in better product listings and, eventually, sales. So try i

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