How Has Office Design Changed Through The Decades?

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Offices have changed a lot if you were to look back on it over the past decades. With the advent of new technology, designs, and trends, offices have changed a lot in terms of design, functionality, organization, and overall look.

In this article, we are going to dive deep into how office desgn has changed over the past decades and what we can expect from it moving forward.

This is very important and relevant in this modern times especially that we are already in the midst of the technological revolution and new ways of running businesses are sprouting out of every corner.


The most obvious change that office design has experienced over the past decades is that they became more simple.

This is because of the growing popularity of minimalism which creates a sleeker and simpler overall look in the office.

Offices no longer need to have fancy ceilings or overly-designed desks and cubicles. Now, offices have become very simple, but not to the point that it’s already very bare.

Minimalism is the way to go these days in terms of design because it creates more open spaces and avoids clutter. It also helps you save more because of your lower electricity bills brought about by the better designs and more open spaces.


Cubicles before looked very crammed and decorated with various designs. It was also very popular before for employees to stick sticky notes on their cubicle walls to serve as reminders for their tasks.

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Well, these aren’t anymore common these days because employees can simply make notifications and reminders on their phones.

There’s really no need to stick sticky notes on the cubicle walls or below the screen of the computers because these are just messy. Cubicle designs these days have also changed a lot and they became more like open table desks which integrate throughout the entire hallway.

Community Integration

Then here comes community integration. Offices before were usually divided into cubicles which can only accommodate one employee.

This leads to more focus during those days. However, things have changed and it has been proven by multiple studies that this kind of working environment just stops growth and creativity because of its individualistic approach.

This is why community integration has become the norm these days. This promotes a more open communication where employees throughout the office and company can share thoughts and create better camaraderie.

This improves the workforce and makes them more productive by giving them the freedom they deserve to become a crucial part of the company.


Technology has changed a lot over the past decades. In fact, technology is improving at a very rapid pace that changes are happening exponentially.

This is why offices today are already geared up towards technological advancement. Offices now cater to larger screen computers that have flat edges and wireless connectivity in terms of keyboard, mouse, and printer use.

Wi-Fi signal should flow freely to make the internet more accessible to all people inside the office.


Lighting is also a very important part of any office because this is where visibility depends on. Through the years, the lighting of offices have changed.

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Before, most offices used fluorescent lights because they’re affordable, bright, and economical. However, there are already new lighting technologies now that are far better.

One good example of this are LED lights built by a renowned COB LED downlight manufacturer. These are very affordable, last long, and offer great luminosity. But what makes them even better is that they are also very aesthetic.

They can even light up a whole office floor, if they’re installed in the right places and in the right amount.

This means that you can see all of the things inside the office such as wholesale cardboard boxes hidden underneath.

LED strip lights are also becoming popular these days because they serve as accent lights that can boost your office’s vibe and aesthetics without using too much electricity.


Concluding all of this, one can clearly see how office design has changed over the years. Gone are the days when we have to focus on focusing too much on manual work.

Because now, technology has already taken over and all we have to do is adapt to is and learn how to use it wisely.

Offices have become more functional, comfortable, and at the same time a haven for better productivity for employees. No doubt minimalism will play a huge role on how office designs will be in the near future. 

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