How Seniors Can Put Old Cars to Good Use

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Many older people find that they do not drive as much as they used to. Some are retired or work from home. Their kids are grown, so they no longer need to drive them to school or attend youth sports events. When they start using public transportation or accept rides from friends and family, they might be ready to dispose of their vehicles to benefit worthwhile causes.  

Seniors who have served in the Armed Forces or who have family members who did so may want to make a car donation for veteran charity organizations. Veterans of all ages are making the transition to civilian life and could use some help in getting started. Since transportation is one of their primary needs in order to find a job and manage daily activities like grocery shopping or banking, having a car to borrow through a veterans’ charity or being able to buy a used vehicle at a reduced cost can help them more quickly settle into their new lives.  

Vocational programs in high schools or career centers offer a variety of programs that prepare teens for an occupation. Auto mechanics is a popular and lucrative training option that typically leads to prompt employment following graduation. Having a car to work on in auto mechanics classes for simulated rebuilding and repairs is a great way for students to get hands-on experience with a real vehicle.  

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Many churches provide pickup and drop-off services for members who do not drive their own vehicles. While buses and minivans are optimum for seating several members, passenger cars can also be used for transporting churchgoers. Missionaries who are returning home from the field also appreciate help with lifestyle basics like housing and transportation, so having a car temporarily loaned by the church is a big help.  

Sell Your Car to a Used Auto Parts Dealer  

Dealerships that sell used or refurbished automobile parts are eager to buy disassembled vehicle parts in good condition. They often buy the entire car and sell the parts as requested by customers. Older people who sell their cars can use the payment to help charitable organizations that need a monetary donation rather than a car.  

Selling a used car can generate quick cash. Donating the vehicle helps certain types of charities. Either way, disposing of a car to help others is a noble cause no matter how it is done. 

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