How to Choose The Best Linux Shared Hosting Plan in India?

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Are you thinking of starting a new venture online in India? Or want to launch a blog to connect with your audience? In both cases, you are a beginner, and you need a solid, safe, and cheap hosting plan. With a wide variety and types of hosting services, it is easy to get perplexed. Relax, because you are reading just the right piece of article to squash all your doubts.

Our article is all about shared hosting plans with the Linux operating system. What more? We will also guide you in choosing the appropriate India Linux shared web hosting hosting plan. Lastly, to woo you even more, we have included the name of the best Linux shared hosting provider in India.

What is Shared hosting With the Linux operating system?

We will explain the terms ‘shared hosting’ and Linux operating system’ separately to draw a clear picture. Let’s start with shared hosting. Remember how people hop on and off a public bus to reach a certain destination? The bus is filled with other people as well, and most of these people have different destinations. Also, there are seats meant for the passengers on the bus and the most exciting part of them all is the cheap ticket price. Copy the whole scenario into a shared hosting platform. Cheap, variety of users, and availability of resources. Further, anyone can use the shared hosting platform to try out new ventures in India.

Now comes the Linux operating system. But what is an operating system? Well, an OS is basically the bridge that connects the computer with the user. It works for both parties to take input and display output; everything behind this process includes maintenance of the OS. So, Linux is a free and open-source OS that is user-friendly. Whether you want to launch an e-commerce platform or a simple blog in India, Linux will give the needed support.

So, you can use shared hosting based on a Linux operating system to ease the crease on your forehead. Quite literally, this type of service takes away all your worries regarding client support, budget, speed, etc. We assume you have gathered enough knowledge about Linux shared hosting in India, and now you need to be aware of the signs to choose the best one out in the market.

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Things You Should Look at When Choosing Linux Shared Web Hosting Plans in India

Willing to purchase a shared hosting plans with Linux operating system for your Indian website? Hold on to your horses and read about the below factors that play an important role in deciding the correct service provider.


The most basic step towards choosing a suitable and the Best Linux Shared Hosting India Plan is to evaluate your own requirements. How will this help your website? A thorough assessment of your needs will give you a clear view of your resource requirements. Further, you won’t face latency issues if your resources are under the tap of your hand.


No matter what business model you have, robust client support is needed by each and every website and business. Ensure a day and night technical support facility given a provider with a Linux hosting plans in India.


When it comes to data security, you have to look for a power pack security. A best Linux shared hosting India plan provides anti-DDoS coverage and strong encryption. A secured server is the bare minimum for any website owner.


The reason people look for a good India linux shared hosting servers plan because of the its affordability. You don’t want to pay a high cost for a beginner-level solution. Look for those providers who offer cheaper rates as compared to other solution providers without compromising on features.


If your website has decent traffic and you have just started your online journey, then an Linux shared hosting plan in India can easily provide you with fast performance. A smooth server speed should never be compromised, even at the very basic level of hosting.

Where To Buy The Best Linux Shared Hosting Server Plans in India?


As promised, we have the name of the best Linux-shared hosting provider in India. It is none other than Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Yes, Hostbillo is the ultimate Web Hosting Solution, covering all your requirements from basic to advanced. Are you ready to be amazed by their never-ending list of benefits? Okay, here it goes.


Hostbillo offers a 99.90% uptime guarantee with their Linux hosting in India services, which is also sometimes called the gold standard uptime guarantee. With such high uptime availability, a client can enjoy the constant availability of the network. This ensures the best user experience.

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cPanel Access

The clients of this platform get a user-friendly panel in the face of cPanel. This makes it much easier for the client to manage the website on their own terms.

SSD Storage

The benefit of using SSD storage is much higher than using traditional storage. The most important feature of SSD is that it is very fast at reading and writing data. Hostbillo’s best Linux shared hosting India plans are equipped with SSD storage.

DDoS Protection

Hostbillo offers the best DDoS-protected hosting plans in India. As we all know, various websites are hosted on the same server under a shared plan; this creates the need for a secure server. With Hostbillo, you can be assured of your server’s safety from hackers and malware.

7 Credit Back Guarantee

Yes, you heard it right. Hostbillo offers a 7 credit-back guarantee with their Linux hosting in India package. You can have a detailed experience of the service and then decide whether to stay with Hostbillo or not. If you don’t like the plan, then you can get the credit back in your Hostbillo wallet.

Budget-Friendly Plans

If you have budget issues, then you can rely on Hostbillo’s cheap Linux shared hosting in India plans. They provide the cheapest hosting plans when it comes to shared hosting.


When choosing the best Linux shared hosting India plans, there are several factors to consider. Scalability is essential as your website may grow over time, and you’ll need the flexibility to upgrade resources. Support is crucial, and Hostbillo offers excellent customer support to assist you with any issues or queries.

Security is paramount in shared hosting, and Hostbillo provides DDoS protection and a secure server environment to keep your website safe from threats. Pricing is a significant consideration, and Hostbillo offers cheap Linux shared hosting India plans without compromising on quality and features.

Performance is crucial for a smooth user experience, and with Hostbillo’s SSD storage and high uptime guarantee, you can expect fast loading times and constant availability of your website.

In conclusion, Hostbillo is the best and cheap Linux shared hosting provider in India, offering a range of features and benefits, including excellent support, DDoS protection, cPanel access, SSD storage, and budget-friendly plans. With Hostbillo, you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands and will perform optimally.

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