How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Gratitude

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Cultivating relationships is essential to an individual’s growth, as it helps to put various characteristics in perspective. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up because crucial people around you have different approaches to life. You are genuinely happy and blessed when these individuals are happy, as it is a great feeling. Gratitude is the only thing that resonates with all the significant relationships you have formed, no matter their approach to life. Therefore, how much have you done to show gratitude to those you love? 


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Gratitude comes with consistency for different relationships, especially with the people who have been with you through various phases of your growth. Many times, individuals find it hard to appreciate solid bonds because they feel the other party would be around for a while, so they limit the care and appreciation they use to express. You can indicate gratitude in many thoughtful ways, without spending much money or going overboard with throwing parties, although people appreciate them.  


Celebrate them  


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Although specific dates should not be a factor that determines the time you should celebrate your loved ones, it is essential to keep their significant dates in mind. Celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivities, and other mouth-watering times of the year. It tells them that you are thinking about them and respect their presence in your life. Sometimes, it does not have to be a yearly or a bi-annual celebration. For instance, you should commemorate your nephew if he gets a new job or your best friend that recently gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.  


Simple “congratulations” and good luck prayers can go a long way in lifting their spirits and telling them that you are happy for them. (Vamos, 2021) 

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Show them unwavering support 


Every individual needs a support system, as it gives hope and lets you know that you are not alone. To strengthen your relationships, you have to show your loved ones that you support them and are willing to hold their hands while they evolve. For numerous reasons, many individuals find it hard to be consistent in other people’s lives. They are close only when things are bad and are nowhere to be found when there are challenges with their loved ones. Showing up diligently is an unspoken way of showing gratitude for essential relationships. 


Spend time with them 


The beginning of every relationship is the giddy phase, as you have no problem seeing the other person at any time of the day. You have no issues being around them and can have long conversations about random things, likes, and dislikes. When the other party becomes a constant figure in your life, spending time with them becomes boring for you, and you start curtailing the attention you give them. Always set out time to be with your loved ones, no matter how little, as it keeps you updated on what is happening in their lives. (Hopper, 2015). 


You can also reconnect by taking them out to do fun stuff. That way, you learn more about what they like and dislike. 


Say thank you 


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thank you  


Saying “thank you” is a simple gesture to show gratitude for any help rendered to an individual. People say thank you to different people for various reasons, without forming any relationship. For instance, If Mr. A likes Miss B’s outfit and compliments it, Miss B can smile, say thank you, and walk away without having a long conversation with Mr. A. If you can say thank you for the kind gestures from people you may never meet again, you should always say thank you to your loved ones. (Santi, 2018). 

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Thank them for being in your life,  

appreciate them for what you have learned from them, show gratitude for their consistent support, and let them know how much you need their guidance.  


You could do extra 


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It would not hurt to also spend your money on thoughtful gifts once in a while, like gratitude cards messages, flowers, or sentimental gifts. You can decide to surprise your partner by cooking lunch and sending it to the office or writing a romantic letter for them. During celebrations with your loved ones, always try to bring a good gift for the celebrants. You may decide to give a small speech before presenting the gift or pen down a small note along with the present. Either way, make every celebratory moment unique and memorable for your family and friends.  


Bring them a pie and dive in with them while they talk about their problems, offer to do small chores around the house, as your strength can carry you, pray with them, and help them run some errands, especially if they are seniors.  




Research has shown that individuals who express gratitude and portray little gestures have stronger bonds than those who do not. Give accolades when it is due, as people enjoy being appreciated for their contributions. Listen to them, hug them, make efforts and try to support your loved ones in their growth and aspirations. 

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