Is Hard Wax Beans Good?

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In this day and age removing hair through waxing has become fairly common in salons and spas. Every teenager to women prefers waxing body parts. Getting rid of body hair quickly and easily at an economical price can be done through waxing. However, choosing the right type of wax for hair removal has become a difficult task since many options are available in the market.

There are two main types of wax


Soft wax:

Soft wax is also known as strip waxing. In this type of waxing, a thin layer of wax is spread over larger areas of the body like the arm, legs, and back. Then you take a strip of cloth and place it on that area and press properly. You pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Soft wax is useful in removing tiny hair and dead skin.

Hard wax:

This type of wax is preferable for sensitive areas of the body. It is used for pulling hair from the upper lip, armpits, and bikini areas. It is first warmed and then a thick layer is applied to the areas. After it cools down a bit, you pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The advantage of hard wax is that it binds hair and not the skin. You can search online for best hard wax in Pakistan online.

Hard wax beans:

Wax beans aren’t a new form of waxing, they are little droplets of hardened wax. The cool thing about wax beans is that they are non-greasy and come in a variety of colors and fragrances (blueberry, orange, etc). But in all cases, their root component is pine tree resin. It makes the waxing process quick, efficient, and as close to painless as it can get. Hard wax beans combine other natural ingredients like vitamins, lavender, etc to make the wax more pleasant to the senses after heating. Hard wax beans for face and bikini area are usually recommended because they provide accurate and effective results, but they can be used in other areas such as the underarms and the back. Bean wax benefits allow it to be so special.

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How to apply?

The good thing about hard wax beans is that it doesn’t need paper strips, the wax itself has the perfect consistency to harden as it dries but also stays pliable, for you to rip it off to remove hair. Hard wax beans how to use, it’s quite simple.

Preparing the wax

  • Take an adequate amount of wax beans and put it in a microwave or wax heater
  • Once it melts, stir it using a spatula or a flat spoon

Prep yourself

  • Wherever you are applying the wax, clean that area with soap and water
  • Pat your skin dry
  • Keep a towel, astringent, etc handy.

Start the procedure

  • Make sure you know about the hair growth direction as you’ll be needing to pull in the opposite direction
  • Apply powder on the skin
  • Stir the melted wax beads using the spatula and apply them to the recipient area
  • Apply some powder to your hands too and you can use a wax strip to pull off in the opposite direction
  • Repeat this process until the skin is hairless
  • Afterward, you should clean your waxed areas with soap and water and apply a moisturizer

All in all:

Hard wax beans offer so many advantages, it’s practical, workable, and mess-free. They are great for waxing different body parts. Also, hard wax beans price is inexpensive. If you are a beginner, then it is best to do a test run on your skin beforehand. Never start on places like the face or the intimate area until you have mastered easier body parts. Watch a few tutorials or read some guides online for the best results.

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