Linksys Extender or Velop Router? Which One Should I Buy?

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Frankly speaking, both are best! You can choose anyone among them.

“My existing router is not able to deliver me the exact internet speed I am wishing for. And that is why, I have taken the decision of replacing it.”

You did it absolutely right! What is the purpose of being a WiFi device when you are not satisfying the internet needs of the users? You can opt for Linksys Velop router! Trust us, it is the best WiFi device and very well-known for satisfying the internet needs of every user across the globe.

“Can I buy a Linksys extender?”

Yes, absolutely”!

“I have a big house! Not as big, but for a router it is! Because my house is divided in three floors! So I don’t think that my router is enough to provide me internet in every corner of my house, is it?”

No, it’s not like that! Linksys router is capable of providing internet range in every nook and cranny of the house!

“But, I need more! I need internet to access in my courtyard, balcony, storeroom, kitchen, backyard, and so on in my house.”

Then, you can opt for Linksys extender! Connect the extender to your existing router, and navigate to Linksys WiFi setup page using the Linksys extender login details, and follow the on-screen instructions.

“That’s all!”


But, your existing router must be compatible with your Linksys extender, then only you can complete the Linksys extender setup process.

“I don’t think so! Because my existing router is not able to provide me internet range to the expected areas, then how it can be compatible with the extender?”

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Then, there is only one solution!


Replace your existing router with Linksys Velop router! It not only works well with your Linksys extender, but also helps your extender to triple the internet speed.

“Does it cost much?”

No, you can get it at the same price of your existing router.

Once you planned to replace your existing router with Linksys Velop, you can connect it to the Linksys extender, and configure it by navigating to the router’s setup page using the Linksys Velop login details.

“I have installed both extender and router in my home.

“After their installation, is there any way out to make the most out of my devices?”

You can make the most of your devices by following the tips listed-below:

  • Update the firmware of your devices on regular basis. Visit the official site of your devices for on-screen instructions.
  • Power cycle your devices every week.

“What is power cycle?

Power cycle means just to restart your Linksys extender and Velop router.

“How to initiate and complete the power cycle process? Can you please guide me?”

Yes, sure!

  • First of all, you have to disconnect your Linksys extender and Velop router.
  • Then, you have to unplug them both.

Are you done!


Now, wait for some time.

“What after that”?

  • After that, you have to plug in your Linksys Velop router first.
  • Then, after a couple of minutes, plug in your Linksys extender.
  • Connect your devices using an Ethernet source or wirelessly and start enjoying the extended and improved internet speed throughout your house.
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Want more?


The internet speed can also be affected if there are unknown devices active within your extender and router range. In that case, we suggest you to keep changing the:

  • Linksys extender login password
  • Linksys Velop login password

The password of your Velop device can be changed easily by navigating to the Linksys router login page and following the on-screen instructions.

“And extender’s”?

By navigating to its login page using the web address!

“After the configuration of Linksys extender and router, do I have to keep them in reach of each other?”

No need! You can place them at a distance and connect them wirelessly!

Did you find this article helpful?

“Yes, very much!”

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