Making Concrete Stronger

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If you’re in an industry working with concrete, you’ll need to invest in some quality reinforcing steel mesh. This versatile product is integral to any large construction job.

Its longitudinal and horizontal reinforcing steel crosses through binding or welding.

They are made by longitudinal and horizontal reinforcing steel crosses through binding or welding. Reinforcement mesh can be divided into: shaped reinforcement mesh and formulated reinforcement mesh.

Reinforcement Mesh is also called reinforced welded mesh, welded mesh, Reinforcement mesh is a man-made mesh. Reinforcement mesh can be divided into: shaped reinforcement mesh and formulated reinforcement mesh.


The concept of Steel Reinforcing Mesh was first developed by a French gardener called Joseph Monier, who, in 1849, ditched fragile concrete planters and began experimenting with pouring concrete over steel mesh.

Since then, steel reinforcement mesh, otherwise known as reinforced matting, has become an integral product for any major construction job as pioneered by the Frenchman who is not an engineer but a gardener.


Steel reinforcement mesh is used in such areas of construction where only a certain amount of flexibility is allowed. It provides a solid foundation for concrete structures.Without the steel mesh reinforcement, creating the structure would be impossible.

The mesh is immersed into concrete and during setting making it grip the reinforcing bars tightly to create a solid foundation.

The reinforced mesh can then be used to strengthen a variety of commercial and residential concrete structures including driveways, concrete structures, concrete house structures and footpaths.

What it can do

The reinforcing mesh is well-known for its durability, flexibility and strength, and this allows it to be used in a range of ways.

The mesh offers a firm foundation for concrete. Without this reinforcement, it would be impossible to carry out the project. The mesh is immersed into the concrete, and as the concrete sets, it firmly adheres to the reinforcing bars to offer a strong foundation.

The flexibility of reinforcing steel mesh also means it is easy for steel workers to bend, allowing the creation of different shapes and sizes.

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Imagine a pillar in a shopping center, a concrete sculpture, or perhaps a bridge support. Their unique shapes have most likely been created through the incorporation of reinforcing mesh.


By its nature, concrete is strong, some can be as strong as natural stones. However, when concrete has to endure pressure or is heavily used, it can become cracked in the long run.

Concretehas low ductility, meaning it can easily crumble if manipulated with enough force.

Steel, on the other hand, is highly ductile, meaning it can be bent easily without breaking.

If the concrete does become cracked, reinforcing mesh holds it together, preventing further significant damage or complete collapse.

More reinforcing features

Reinforcing steel mesh is a crucial element in strengthening a range of commercial and residential concrete features. This includes properties, footpaths and driveways.

It works best when used on flat surfaces, such as floors or walls, particularly those that carry a thickness of less than a foot. Steel is also highly easy to weld, which makes it perfect for creating elaborate inner frameworks or foundations before pouring concrete.


Reinforcing mesh have several styles per your choice of what it can do to help improve the durability and flexibility of concrete. The first is the square mesh. you will usually find it used in driveways, house slabs, and paving.

They are even found in sculptural or artistic works.

The rectangular mesh is an L-shaped mesh that is often used in pavement slabs, panels,

shed slabs, and warehouse construction.

The trench mesh is a thin, long strips of steel that is usually used in reinforcing the beams and the footing of residents. These are usually used in real and commercial buildings.

They work particularly well underneath building foundations, preventing any significant movement that might damage the entire structure.

The Ute mesh are ribbed and can be safely and legally transported on small trucks and will not overhang. They re also perfectly-sized to be carried without any risk of injury.


First, the building reinforcement mesh ismade of high -quality low-carbon steel wire. These stainless steel wire with reinforcing mesh has ribbed or cold-rolled round side at right angles.

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These are done in the longitudinal and transverse direction and are cross-welded at a certain distance.These construction steel meshes are also divided into hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, PVC coated, dip plastic, and special welding mesh.

They are mainly used in bridges, highways, tunnel backing panels, high-rise floors, subway culverts, power plant projects, and dam foundations. Likewise, they are also utilized in various reinforced concrete structural projects such as ports, docks, river walls, airport runways, etc.

Ribbed steel bar

The welded mesh of the building reinforcement mesh should be made of CRB550 grade cold-rolled ribbed steel bar, or CRB510 grade cold-drawn smooth steel bar. This piece of welded mesh should be welded with the same type of reinforcement.

These welded meshes are divided into two types: shaped and customized. The spacing and diameter of the reinforcing bars in the two directions of the shaped welded mesh can be different,

However, the reinforcing bars in the same direction need to have the same diameter, spacing and length. This have been specified in relevant standards and regulations.


Reinforcing mesh has quite a number of significant improvements on the quality of reinforcement engineering. It increases construction speed.

A very important factor that it does on concrete constructions is that it enhances the crack resistance of concrete.

All in all, it has a better comprehensive economic benefit because it saves labor. At the same time, it greatly reduces engineering costs.

Anti-cracking reinforcement mesh

Theanti-cracking reinforced mesh is a reinforced mesh composed of reinforcing steel with a spacing of 150-200mm and a diameter of 4-6mm.

Consequently, it is manufactured to resists the constrained stress caused by the shrinkage and temperature changes of the concrete in the cast-in-situ slab.

it is an underground waterproof front-facing protective layer. These reinforced meshes that are thicker than 50mm and the protective layer is too thick to cause the shrinkage of the concrete, and are called crack-resistant reinforced meshes.

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