Navigating the Challenges of Writing MBA Essays for Career Switchers

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According to a survey by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), 51% of MBA-pursuing respondents asserted that career pivoting was their ultimate objective.

For career switchers who desire to pursue an MBA at elite schools like Stanford, Harvard, or Wharton, there exists no room for errors when it comes to your admission essays. While there are ample things you can state to the admission committee, there are also certain pitfalls that you should definitely avoid.

If the words of top MBA essay writing stalwarts at reputed academic websites like MyAssignmentHelp are anything to go by, top business schools are looking for potential candidates across the world. They are searching for aspirants who want to grow personally, evolve professionally, and structure their communication and thoughts effectively. With a cut-throat competition, it is crucial your essays stand out and are completely error-free.

Now, we won’t give you the usual ‘how to write an excellent MBA application essay lectures’ advice. You can hear that cacophony on the web. Instead, we will walk you through certain challenges you will face and how to avoid them to write an essay that makes you stand apart in the herd and shows you’re an excellent fit for your program of choice.

Ready? Let’s get started, then!

Mistake 1 – Your Application Essay Lacks Clarity

Remember why you’re writing your MBA application essay – to switch careers and boost your prospects, right? Just like your career goal is crystal clear, your essays should possess enough clarity. The admission committee will be reading your essay excessively closely, so even minute ambiguities could have a huge impact.

Undeniably, you will always be writing from your perspective. While you are already well-versed in the context behind your essay and inspirations behind experiences, this won’t always be clear to the readers.

Hence, it is significant to not only describe all essential details for comprehending the entire picture but also convey the context clearly so any reader from any background can understand it at first glance. If you struggle and need essay help, you can always get connected with reputed academic websites on the web.

Mistake 2 – Lacks Takeaways

Do you know the business schools in the 2020-2021 academic year found that 250,389 pupils studied MBA worldwide? And, most of these students (155,966) are at US business schools. So, you cannot afford to take the chance of losing a coveted spot at your dream business school.

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To shine in the crowd, make sure that your paper does not fail to provide strong takeaways. Admission essays should always be exhibited to the admission committee about who you are. It is your golden chance to highlight the best qualities. For instance, if you’re asked to describe a situation that portrays your strong leadership skills, your focus should always be on explaining leadership skills and not the scenario.

Mistake 3 – Not Being Direct Enough in Your Essay

The strict word limits of your admission essays pose a challenge in striking the right balance between maintaining preciseness and expressing your character in the best light. While this could mean sacrificing certain instances and points you may aim to make, the capability to prioritize your arguments and convey complicated ideas succinctly can help your essay stand apart.

Approximately, MBA aspirants go through 10-15 drafts before finalizing their submission. Hence, it is always wise to proofread and edit your paper every time closely, making an effort to polish your language as you go.

Mistake 4 – Undermining Extensive Research of Every School & Program

While you may be tempted to begin your writing process as soon as possible, not investing adequate time to research every business school you’re applying to carefully can start you off on the wrong foot. Know that in an admissions team, there are real people who know the ins and outs of their educational institution. Thus, they can easily differentiate a personalized paper from a generic one.

To make a mark, you can look at the official website of the university, consult different online resources, and connect with their faculty members. This will offer you an in-depth understanding of the types of qualities they are looking for in an aspirant. Try to determine how closely you align with those essential attributes and play to your strengths.

Mistake 5 – Lack of Flow in the Essay

A lack of flow in the paper is one of the most common problems found in numerous aspirant’s essays. The flow of the essay gets disturbed when one thought doesn’t lead to the next one. Hence, always try to have a clear structure in mind even before you start writing.

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One of the best ways to ensure your essay has a proper flow is to club similar information together. Further, writing in chronological order also contributes to the coherence of the paper.

Mistake 6 – Failing to Comprehend the Question

Another critical mistake most students tend to commit is misunderstanding the crucial requirements of the prompt or essay question. The key objective of the question should not be simply acquiring factual questions but to truly gain crucial insights.

If you come across a prompt that requires you to explain a specific event that impacted your opinion on the subject, try not to spend excessive time on it in describing the incident. Rather, try to focus on your reaction towards it.

Mistake 7 – Worrying About the Word Count Excessively

Most students tend to complain – “How to write all about myself and leave a good impression in this limited word count?”

Undeniably, writing the first draft while maintaining the word count is challenging. However, your first goal should be to get the ideas perfectly on the page. Then, you can worry about the word count later on. If you worry too much about the word count in the initial phase, you will become miserable. So, when you are starting to write, ignore the word count completely. Ensure to spew your ideas on the page as quickly as possible while composing the first draft and then prune it in the editing phase.

Crafting a remarkable MBA application essay is a hard nut to crack. However, if you keep this list of pitfalls to avoid in mind and implement the strategies listed above, you will be well-equipped to present a winning business school application. And, if you work slowly, carefully and steadily on your application – you won’t suffer at all. You’ll be happier, and the odds of your admission will increase by notches. It’s time to get started and shine brighter!

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