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In order to analyse the sources of recruitment, it is essential to understand the challenges that human resources teams usually face. The so-called war for global talent, the demand for highly specialised skills and the demand for new career plans by employees are some of the factors reorienting the employee life cycle.

Recruitment Software

In this scenario, companies that are betting on new hiring models are taking advantage of technology, sources, and recruitment software in an innovative way:


  • Attracting qualified resources is no longer simply the responsibility of HR teams, as it has become one of the main concerns of business leaders.
  • Related to the previous point, more than 8 out of 10 (83%) executives say that talent acquisition is significant in business strategy.


Recruitment process – Advantages of external sources

Recruitment Software landscape

Among the main advantages of external recruitment sources are:


  • Access to a more significant number of talents
  • Savings of the costs and time invested by the human resources team to access candidates.
  • You can access more diverse candidate profiles with new capabilities for the company.


With recruitment software, you have access to these and other recruitment sources. Take advantage of multi-posting and attract the best candidates with a few steps.


Sources of internal recruitment management


Internal recruitment is based on filling a vacancy with an employee of the company. It is mainly from upskilling processes or recognition of their work. Therefore, a recruitment process of this type can be very positive in strengthening ties with employees and ensuring the retention of internal talent.

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However, it doesn’t always have to result in a direct-hire of an employee. But this can function as a source to access the talent intended to attract.


Recruitment process – Advantages of internal sources


Advantage of internal recruitment processes is that it helps prevent talent flight by offering new career opportunities.


It contributes to strengthening the motivation and commitment of employees to the organisation. As they perceive that they are valued and their talent is taken into consideration.

It saves time for the company by not having to start an external recruitment process. It also starts the adaptation processes from scratch.


Sources of internal talent help strengthen career plans. They often prompt companies to invest in the specialised training of their employees.


Employee References


Employee referrals offer excellent profitability, accounting for only 7% of costs compared to other recruitment sources.


According to Linkedin, referred employees tends to stay quite a while in organisations. It reduces the time and resources that needs to invest in future hires. Typically, these sources are used when it is necessary to hire an employee quickly or if you intend to incorporate someone who identifies with the organisation’s culture.


Rehiring can be a very efficient source of internal recruitment management


The end of an employment relationship does not have to result in bad terms. There are times when companies forces to dispense with some services. On the contrary, employees are presented with personal situations that lead them to leave the company.

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Of an opportunity presents itself and both the company & the employee satisfies with each other, resorting to rehiring is a wise decision. Both parties already know each other, and it will be easier for them to resume the employment relationship.



When you promote hiring strategies, dedicate the first stage to identifying the most effective sources of recruitment management for the profiles you intend to attract. What’s the point of grabbing all the channels you have at hand if they don’t guarantee you access to the candidates you need?


Break the mould and don’t settle for traditional ways unless it includes the intelligence of recruitment software. It is essential to keep track of the results you are getting in each channel. You do not spend time or extra resources.


With HROne’s Recruitment Software, you have access to recruitment reports and reports that will optimise your processes. 


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