Remodeling Tips to Make Room for Future Family Members

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Whether you are expecting a bundle of joy or inviting family to move in, you want to ensure there is enough space for everyone to live comfortably. Luckily, there are ways to create more space in your home. From clearing out the clutter to adding an extra room there are many options available.

You can get started by checking out these remodeling tips for creating more room for future family members.

Downsize for Extra Space 

First, start by downsizing your home to create extra space for your family members. This means getting rid of any clutter and unwanted or unused items. You can sell or donate some items. Alternatively, you can place them in a self-storage unit to access later. Another idea is to add storage solutions to your remodel for organizing the items you are keeping in your home, such as built-in shelves. 

Remodel a Spare Room 

In addition to downsizing, you can also remodel a home office, guest bedroom, or other spare room to create a bedroom for your family members. Luckily, you may not have to do a lot of remodeling to turn your spare room into a bedroom. A separate den, finished basement, or an attic can be used to create a second living room. These ideas are perfect if you are combining two families in one household. 

Plan a Home Addition 

Imagine adding an entirely new room to your home for yourself or family members. If you do not mind planning a bigger project, you can always look into home extensions. Your extension can be used as a bedroom or second living room, or you could add both additions to your home. It is worth looking into if you need more space than you have for your family. 

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Remodel a Current Extension 

You may have an extension that can be remodeled to create a separate apartment-like space. For example, your pool house can be turned into an in-law suite. You may even be able to hire a team to turn your shed into a guest house for your family members. Remodeling a current addition allows you to create more space without adding an actual extension to your home. 

Build a Backyard Suite 

Lastly, consider building an in-law suite or guest house in your backyard, which is a great choice if you do not have a home addition to remodel. A backyard suite is another alternative to a room remodel or home addition that allows your family members to live separately as needed. This way, everyone can stick to their routines and live together comfortably. 

If you keep the above remodeling ideas in mind, you can easily find a way to create more space for future family members. 

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