Standing Stairlifts: Benefits and Types

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Various facilities are available in the market for easing movement for people who have lost their motor skills or are unable to use their hip and knee joints while climbing a staircase and are heavily in need of help from other people for the same.


There are different kinds of ramps and lifts available for them to make movements around a building by themselves and not feel dependent on anybody.


A stairlift is one of the most feasible options among all the ones that exist, thanks to the improvement in technology and the innovative minds of people for preparing devices that ease our living.


In this article, we will discuss the various types and benefits of standing stairlifts.


A Standing Stairlift is a device that is mechanically operated and is used to lift people and move them up and down a building.


Stairlifts are attached with a trail along with the treads of the stairs, which helps in moving up and down, there is a platform over which the person who needs to be lifted can stand.


These stairlifts run on a battery, therefore the maintenance and installation cost of the lift is not very high making it feasible for the use of people.



1. Standing Stairlifts For Designed Surfaces (Indoor):

There can be different designs of a particular staircase, it could be straight reaching up to the destination; it can be curved or it may have a flat or sloped landing in between.

This kind of design is usually found in the interior of the house.

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Thus, for such surfaces, the stairlift needs to be fed with the data of the type of surface you encounter. 


Straight standing stairlifts are simpler in design and build, the curved ones however are complicated. Curved ones need to adapt to the exact shape of the curve of the staircase, which makes it build a little more complex.


2. Standing Stairlifts For Designed Surfaces (Outdoor):

Just as the staircase inside the house can have varied designs, so can the outdoors have them. 


The only difference between the staircases designed for indoors and outdoors is that the outdoor standing stairlift is made of weather-resistant material.


Weather-resistant material elongates the life of the staircase and protects it from rusting, and deteriorating due to the weather conditions or any other external factor.



1. Increases The Value Of The House:

Out of all the benefits, this one is very important. Installation of a standing stairlift increases the value of the house. Aging leaves nobody untouched. 


At some or the other point, everyone suffers joint problems, such a facility is something that can be a requirement for anybody.


It helps in increasing the resale value of the house at any given point in time.


Besides, such kinds of devices make living life easier, thus, when an unable person visits your house, it will be quite impressive for him/her to access your house.

2. Offers Self-Dependency:

When people find it difficult to move, they seek support from people. Somebody can not always be standing next to them for offering support, thus, installing a standing stairlift reduces the stress of moving up and down a building without body else’s support.

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It also instills in the user the confidence of movement that they usually lose when joints and knees problems arise, they become more reliant on their ability and feel free.


3. Less Requirement Of Space:

Another benefit of installing a standing stairlift is that it requires less space.


 A chair lift can occupy more space because a platform for the chair is attached to the treads of the staircase, but the platform used for a standing stairlift only consists of space measuring the foot length.


This helps in ease of mobility while saving space at the same time. 

4. Less Costly:

Standing stairlifts are quite affordable. The only major cost incurred on them is while purchasing and installing the device.


This device works on a battery, hence it does not require a constant electricity supply. 

One can charge the lift to its full capacity when it is not in use and save a huge amount of electricity.


Besides, the maintenance cost of the device is not very huge all one should do is only handle the device with utmost care.


These were the benefits and types of a standing stairlift. One can choose the type needed for their homes according to the needs of the house. There are many benefits of the stairlift as discussed above.


It is a one-time investment that can prove to be quite helpful for people, it is not only easy to use due to its operations with the help of remote control.


it can also carry multiple people up and down at the same time, but this feature is not very apt for the space we have within our homes because then the platform will consume a lot of space.

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