Star Swim Schools – Learn to Swim For Babies, Kids and Adults

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Star Swim Schools was established on the belief that aquatic skills are valuable life lessons, and provide a fun yet developmentally appropriate learning-to-swim atmosphere for babies, kids, and adults in Cranbourne and Narre Warren South. Their pool is heated year-round for optimal learning conditions. Their classes are kept small to provide personalized attention.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons Clyde North can help your infant feel at ease around water, which may reduce their risk of drowning by teaching them how to trust adults in and around water, while simultaneously improving physical and cognitive development. It is recommended that babies begin participating in swimming lessons around 6 weeks old.

Parents or caregivers should attend each class with their child in order to form bonds in the water and allow for interaction in an enjoyable, controlled environment – creating an unforgettable bonding experience!

Baby swimming lessons provide numerous advantages, from increased water safety awareness and balance development, coordination skills and grasping abilities, to helping develop heart, lungs and muscle functions and immune systems – as well as aiding sleep cycles and immune systems.

At Star Swim School, we offer high-quality learn-to-swim classes with small class sizes for optimal learning outcomes for your children. This allows us to provide them with more individualized attention as they progress faster with their swimming classes. Furthermore, our swimming pools are heated at a temperature that resembles their bathroom temperature at home to make learning to swim less intimidating for young swimmers.

Kids Swimming Lessons

No matter if it is their first time or moving up a level, our kids’ swimming lessons provide invaluable skills development in water. The program encourages independence by providing safe and caring learning environments; and classes are kept small to maximize learning.

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At Guppies (3-6-year-olds) and Sea Turtles (6-12-year-olds), our goal is to develop foundational skills that will last a lifetime, such as breathing in and out of water, body balance, and being able to swim without using flotation devices.

Turtle 1 and 2 levels focus on teaching propulsion skills that form the basis for more advanced strokes. Students are encouraged to swim quickly while still maintaining perfect technique; basic freestyle and backstroke strokes will be introduced along with how arms and legs can combine for an overall swimming motion.

Once your child has graduated from Tadpole level, they’re eligible to join our Swimboree classes where parents sit pool-side while their children work individually with a swimming instructor – helping increase independence while adding an element of fun for parents!

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons provide an effective and enjoyable way for adults to build water confidence, swim stroke proficiency and safety in general. Our instructors are specially trained to offer tailored assistance.

Adult students, including those with special needs and/or disabilities, benefit from our instructors working closely with their peers as well as specialists such as physiotherapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to ensure optimal results for our adult students.

Additionally to our private adult swim lessons, we also provide group lessons. These sessions provide adults the chance to join a supportive small group environment with similar focuses as our private adult swim lessons.

At our pool, we offer various levels that cater to swimmers of all levels from beginners who are new to water through to more experienced athletes who are competing. Our program is structured and includes stroke development, fitness training and speed work for those looking to challenge themselves.

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If you are an adult and have always dreamed of learning how to swim, now is the time. Talking and dreaming won’t get the job done; action must be taken. Once you take lessons you will feel so much more confident! Trust us on that one.

Ladies Swimming Lessons

Swimming class Clyde North for both children and adults are offered throughout the country at many pools. 

This program aims to teach children a range of water safety skills, including getting back onto their feet after falling into the water and floating on their stomachs. Furthermore, they learn to roll onto their backs when having difficulty breathing and crawl out if fatigue sets in.

If your child requires a swim diaper during each lesson, they should bring one along and wear their bathing suit over the top of it.

If you need assistance selecting an appropriate class level for your child, give us a call and we will do our best to place them into their first-choice class, or if that class is full we will place them into their second-choice class. Once their enrollment is confirmed we will send an invoice that can help complete their registration.

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