Surya Rugs – Everything you need to know about designer Surya Rugs

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In the world of interior design, each piece has the power to transform a space, infusing personality, warmth and style. Rugs, however, stand as the most versatile canvas, pulling together a room’s finest elements and elevating its look. And in the world of designer rugs, there are only a few names more dominant than Surya Rugs.

Unveiling Surya Rugs:

Surya which has become synonymous with high end home accents has now become an undisputed leader in the most important category – designer rugs. With a relentless dedication to innovation, quality and craftsmanship, Surya set the new bar for area rugs. For Surya, a rug is not merely a carpet on the floor. It is a work of art that is mindfully crafted for the purpose of making a graceful and soft statement in any room. To get yourself one of their exquisite pieces, check out Rug & Home, that has the famous designer Surya rugs online.

The Dublin Series:

Among the most captivating collections of Surya, the Dublin Series features hand-knotted rugs, which are representative of eternal beauty. Featuring intricate designs, these rugs superbly combine classic motifs and modern chic, with a glamorous colour palette. Whether you prefer exquisitely detailed ornamental motifs or modern designs, the Dublin collection will surely appeal to your taste, liking, and style.

City Light Collection:

Spice up your home with an easy metropolitan feel by adding the City Light collection of rugs from Surya. We are proudly introducing a line of designs that reflect a modern aesthetic and boast over a dozen pieces with an exuberant reference to the shapes and colours of the urban landscape. Whether it is around urban minimalism or you are looking for a vibrant, bold focal point, the City Light has the best rug for you.

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Chester Patterns:

Picture sitting on the sofa, in the room with Surya’s chester patterned rug laid on the floor. It is a hug of nostalgia and charm from the past. The vintage designs of the bygone years served as a source of inspiration for these carpets; they evoke the atmospheres of the past, with each pattern bearing its own history. Admiring the antique patterns and textiles that were present in the past, Chester patterns provide the very same classical flair and familiar comfort at home. Beautiful, with their intricate designs and soft, muted colours, these rugs not only unite the space but also give it a historical and personal implication.

A Glimpse into Design and the Designer:

Each Surya carpet is the product of an inspiring artistic journey, which embraces both creativity and passion. It’s not only about knitting threads together but also about knitting together stories, inspirations and feelings. Surya, known for her talent and vision, creates a magical realm drawn from the beauty of nature, cultural artefacts, and the ever changing world of art and architecture.  Each carpet is an instance of hard work, a reflection of care and skillfulness that are put in place with every piece.

Rug & Home offers some best collections of these designers, hence making them accessible from your house, just a click away!

In the world of interior design, rugs are not just accessories; they are storytellers.

Rugs are like a floor blueprint that serves as the foundation upon which the rest of the room is built, anchoring furniture arrangements and delineating living spaces. However, beyond their functional role, rugs are art pieces that indicate the home owner’s personality and taste.

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Ranging from the classic style of the Dublin series to the urbane chic of the City Light collection, through the simple luxury of the Cesar line to the nostalgic charm of the Chester patterns, Rug & Home has you covered with a variety of Surya Rugs that will cater to your personal sense of style. With their exquisite beauty, impeccable excellence, and eternal appeal, Surya rugs are the best of the best in the interior design world. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Rug & Home store or the website and immediately grab yours!

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