The Magic Of Visual Content Marketing

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In a world where the Internet has established itself as the channel par excellence for brands, I reaffirm more than ever the importance of the visual to connect with the audience. Textual content marketing is key to informing, educating, and influencing consumers.

Without a doubt, visual and interactive content has a special magic. It is a powerful weapon to capture the interest of users. That “an image is worth a thousand words” has its logic here, don’t you think?

However, for a company to carry out a visual marketing strategy, it must be aware of all the possibilities that visual content marketing offers. Likewise, this type of content can be executed in conjunction with other strategic actions.

Given the relevance of a visual content marketing strategy, in this post, I will show you all its benefits to inspire you and apply it to your business. are you coming with me?

What is Visual Content Marketing?

Visual content marketing is a marketing technique aimed at a specific audience. Which aims to excite or provoke a reaction in the user through visual content with a viral purpose.

A meme, a GIF, an infographic, or a video are some of the most effective visual formats today. But why are they so attractive to the user? Mainly it entertains them and, in addition, it is very easy for them to share on their social networks.

Benefits of Visual Content Marketing for your business

Without a doubt, images and videos have a much greater impact than textual content. We can see this reflected in some metrics of the publications.

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Suppose you compare the user interaction in posts where you use visual content marketing with others where you only use text. In that case, you will see much more interaction (likes, shares, and comments) if you design beautiful graphics or create nice videos.

In addition to engagement, here are other benefits you’ll get from applying a solid visual content marketing strategy:

➽ Increased traffic

That engagement and that interaction that we talked about before are closely related to this point. The more reactions you generate to your posts, the more noise you will make and the more people you will reach.

The fact that someone shares your infographic or video tutorial is something very valuable. Because you will increase your visibility and reach an audience that you might never reach otherwise.

Therefore, quality visual content will have a greater chance of becoming viral, as long as it is of quality.

➽ Reader loyalty

The key to retaining your readers is not only in offering quality content, no matter how good it is. Success lies in maintaining the balance between creating relevant textual content for your audience (in addition to being optimized) and complementing it with related quality visual content. Which serves to answer a question or solve a user problem.

This is what users will truly value. And I’ll show you a simple example:

Imagine that you are going to write a tutorial on an eye makeup technique. Of course, you can write a tutorial about it, with tips and recommendations. But, if you accompany that text with a video of someone doing the step by step to achieve the perfect result on their face, don’t you think you will be giving more value to your audience?

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➽ Improved user experience

Related to the example I just mentioned, you will not only retain your audience but also improve the user experience.

If the user wants to know how to perform that makeup technique, and you solve that need with clear information, in a few minutes, your user will leave satisfied and will not hesitate to come back to solve new concerns.

➽ Search engine optimization

Finally, remember that well-optimized photographs and illustrations rank well in engines like Google.

Tip: To do this, when uploading images to the content of your blog, you must make sure to fill in the “ALT” and image description fields,. And add the keyword in the file name and always place a featured image in each entry.

Although the latter seems obvious, it is important to emphasize it. Because this image is what will identify your content on the main page and in search engines.


Visual content marketing is a technique that you should keep in mind in your content strategy for the simple fact that users prefer this type of format because they are entertaining, easy to consume, and more viral. Therefore, I recommend that you integrate visual marketing into your content strategy as long as it makes sense.

So take advantage of all the formats and analyze which one best suits your audience (videos, graphics, infographics, screenshots, illustrations.). If you give your audience what they are looking for, you will build loyalty and build a good brand reputation.

What visual content marketing formats do you use and are the most effective for your target?

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