Top 125cc Bikes In PAKISTAN

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In this article, we’re going to give you the five top 125cc bikes that are on sale in the Pakistan Auto Mobile Market. We will list them from one to three bikes with a focus on Price as well as Comfort Level, Style and Performance, etc.

Honda CG125:-

The first item on our list is the Honda CG125, which is the most popular bike made by Atlas Honda but i put it in the last position due to a reason. This is a classic bike, which could be described as a dated design. However, based on its classic design, this bike is the king of Pakistan for the over the last 25 years. The design of this motorcycle is identical to the last few years. CG125 come with an OHV engine, which is extremely powerful and maintenance, but it is prone to excessive vibrations. This engine is estimated to produce 11HP. The dry weight of the bike is 99kg. The power to wait percentage of the bike is impressive. The bike is also known as a power-machine. You can expect the high performance and low maintenance. We placed this bike in number 1 position.

2- Yamaha YBR125G:

On the Second Spot , we have a second Yamaha model which is the Yamaha YBR125G. It is the current its flagship model for Yamaha in Pakistan. YBR was introduced in the year 2015 and quickly gained popularity due to its design and ease of use. The engine is the same that YB125Z with 10hp. It is a single cylinder four stroke air-cooled engine. It has an excellent suspension, good road grip and powerful brakes. According to the features, this bike is great in every aspect, however it’s not a bike for families, which is the main reason why it’s placed second.

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Honda CB125F:-

At the 3rd position there is Honda CB125F. It was revealed that Yamaha introduced their bikes in 2015 that have new designs and features, it will make Honda introduce something new to the market. Therefore, at the start of the year Honda will unveil a new model, which has the latest features in order to be competitive on with the competition. The bike comes with front dual piston disc brake that is very excellent. This bike has 5 gear single cylinder transmission OHC engine that can produce nearly 10.6HP. Self start , which is not introduced in bikes of 125cc from Honda is the most prominent characteristic of the Honda CB125F. The bike is available in three colors and two variations.

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