Top Reasons Not To Skimp When Buying Garden Furniture Covers

By Arslan Shah 4 Min Read

Outdoor furniture is generally expensive for a good reason. It needs to remain strong and beautiful even after facing varied weather conditions. However, you can keep them looking good and extend their life considerably if you do not leave them outdoors during the long winter months when you are not using them. If you do not have an option for storing them indoors, the best thing you can do is buy good-quality outdoor furniture covers.

The Need for Outdoor Furniture Covers

Rain & moisture: if you live in a place with heavy rainfall or snowfall, your outdoor furniture will be wet for long periods. Even the best furniture made from robust teak, wicker, or plastic will degenerate after a repeated onslaught by the elements. The furniture can crack and rot, and mold and mildew, proven health hazards, can form.

Rust & corrosion: Many outdoor furniture pieces have frames and components of iron and steel for added strength. However, when exposed to moisture and warmth, they can start rusting. In due course of time, the rusting process discolors the furniture, makes them look ugly, and weakens its structural integrity. According to Stay At Home Mum, rusting is significantly more in the coastal areas where it is humid and the air salty.

Warping: While you may assume that furniture, if allowed to dry, will be okay, unfortunately, many times, wooden furniture warps after repeatedly getting wet and drying. While the process is imperceptible, the furniture may become distorted, and the parts become loose over time. A good-quality garden chair cover can extend the life of the furniture considerably.

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Sun & temperature: Living in a sunny place can be a blessing, but your outdoor furniture can take a beating when exposed for long to bright sunshine, harsh UV radiation, and high temperatures. The materials tend to become brittle over time and may break unexpectedly. Dry air and extreme fluctuation of temperatures are especially responsible for speeding up the bending and cracking process.

Fading: Constant exposure to sunlight cause many materials to lose their luster and fade over time. The UV radiation in the sunlight is primarily responsible for this effect. When this happens, you will have no option but to repaint the furniture, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Dirt & debris: When left outdoors, the furniture will become dirty with dust, leaves, twigs, garbage, pollen, bird poop, soot, and even garden chemicals. In no time, the furniture will be so dirty, especially if it has been drizzling. And you will need to have them cleaned thoroughly before being able to reuse them.


Given the various challenges outdoor furniture faces, it makes sense to spare you a lot of effort. And expense in cleaning, repairing, and prematurely replacing the furniture by buying good-quality outdoor furniture covers. To make sure that the covers perform optimally and last long, you should ensure that they fit right. If you live in a place with more rain and snow.  You should get waterproof covers but since they are not breathable.  You need to take the covers off once in a while to let the furniture dry. Covers with tie-downs and Velcro straps are more effective.

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