Use of Drones for Construction Site Safety

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Technological advancement is striking every industry with its full potential and so is the construction industry. From the latest heavy equipment to the new and advanced construction methods, everything is getting digitalized. The process is slow but it is fortunate that the industry is on the track. 

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Unmanned aerial vehicle – also known as Drone, is an advanced technology that is being utilized in the construction industry. Most of the contractors have already adopted drone technology. It is extremely useful in surveys and inspections of buildings that are hard to reach. It is also used in marketing for construction business more than ever before, offering an aerial view of the property along with regular updates.

How does a drone work?

We all have seen a drone used for different purposes, but the use of drones in the construction industry is getting a hike. A drone is a kind of device, equipped with a high-tech RGB camera that captures high-resolution shots when flying above/around a certain location. The drone can also display a live telecast of the location or warehouse where heavy equipment like a used wheel excavator is stored that helps in site inspection or protection by standing at one point. 

What are the benefits of using Drones in construction?

By using a drone, construction contractors can make their life easier and safer. Multiple benefits of using drones in the construction industry are listed here:

  • Safe site inspection

It is estimated that about 34% of construction deaths are caused due to falls during an inspection from high points of locations. Inspection and surveys of the construction site on foot are time-consuming and sometimes, hard to access. Whereas the risk of falling from height always exists. 

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All these problems can be sorted out by using a drone camera and visualizing the live images on the screen in your hand in less time with lesser risk. You can cover the entire location in minutes rather than spending hours on surveys.

  • Geotagged images

When the contractors work for larger projects like building bridges, roads, water reservoirs, airports, industrial plants, dams, and railroads, aerial drone imagining can be a great help. The drone RGB camera takes multiple photographs of the location from different angles. Besides the image, these photographs can be captured with geotags to record the coordinates of the different site locations.

  • Monitoring of construction sites

In-person assessment of the construction site is extremely exhausting and time-taking. UAV/Drones have made the contractor’s life easier. The hiring of multiple workers only for site inspection can also be overcome by using drones and monitoring the live imagining by sitting at a point. You can monitor the entire workspace in 3D or 2D visualization. 

This UAV inspection can also be very helpful in monitoring the hazardous construction site, traffic movement, material loading/Unloading, and the construction progress. You can also keep an eye that if the construction is going according to the plan or not.

  • Fast, accurate, and extensive data

Taking a one-time image of the site through a drone can be helpful for next time too. It gives you the accurate measurement of site coordinates, distances, and elevations in less time as compared to manual inspection. During the manual inspection, if you missed even a single point measurement, you have to go back and again to take the dimensions, but drone imagining can also save you from this hurdle.


Any construction project involves multiple stakeholders working together such as earthmoving companies, engineering companies, and contractors. One drone taken data can be viewed by all of them to save time and workforce. UAV/Drones images can be the smart solution to all the huge problems in the industry. Complete and comprehensive data can be taken by drone image along with geotagging. Whereas the warehouse can also be monitored by drones to keep the heavy equipment like used wheel excavators safe from being theft.

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