What are the benefits and features of xResolver?

By Arslan Shah 3 Min Read

xResolver is an open source desktop application, which is already available in the repositories of Ubuntu, Debian and other distributions. It makes it easier to make your Android phone look like an Android tablet or your iPad look like a tablet.

To install xResolver you can either use the Ubuntu repositories or simply add it to your Software sources.

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  • Installing XResolver with the Ubuntu repositories
  • sudo apt-get install xresolver
  • Installing XResolver with the Software sources
  • sudo apt-get install xresolver


Here are some of the features of XResolver.

Full Android phone support: All the Android devices supported by Ubuntu are supported by XResolver.

Separate address bar and Back button support: The Full screen display in Android doesn’t work correctly. But XResolver can keep the address bar and back button working properly while you have Full screen content on the screen.

Multiple Full Screen windows supported: Some Android devices have different resolutions. This means that, if you have two Full Screen windows one will have a smaller resolution and another bigger one. This can cause some issues. With XResolver you can have multiple similar sized windows and each will have the same resolution.

Customizable display scaling: Some Android devices cannot scale the window to the available resolution. This can sometimes cause problems. With XResolver you can change the size of the window to the available resolution and this will affect other windows on the screen.

Opera Mini support: Opera Mini supports a different window manager than the Android does. If you have an Opera Mini app you can open Opera Mini in Full Screen mode and have all the Opera Mini windows on the same resolution as your Android application.

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File manager support: XResolver has a file manager plugin. This plugin supports many file managers and allows you to change the full screen display for each app you use.

Integration with Unity Launcher: You can integrate your phone applications with Unity Launcher. You can have an application on the launcher of your phone which will use the XResolver interface to let you change its looks and features.

Other applications: Other Android applications can be integrated with XResolver by using the third party API’s provided by the XResolver team.


If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports please feel free to contact the team via the following contact form or via e-mail at xresolver@openmirror.net


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