What Everyone Must Know About Laser Teeth Whitening Kits At Home

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The cost of making hard enamel pins varies on what you need. The question of how much making hard enamel pins will cost is loaded Laser Teeth Whitening Kit. The simple answer you can get from a google search would be low as $0.47 per pin and high as $200. But the cost comes down to the quality, design, and durability of the pin.

If you want your enamel pin to have long-lasting quality, you cannot go for a cheaper option because such pins will be broken within a couple of uses. A large corporate customer would buy or order enamel pins in bulks, so customization, designing, and other things must be affordable to profit.

Enamel pins are customized in colors, size, and design, like custom clothing labels. The customization of hard enamel pins also depends on quantity, artwork, add-ons, type of pin, mold setup, size, finish, packaging, colors, shipping method, and attachments.

The effect of quantity over the cost of the pin

The main things that determine the cost of hard enamel pins are their size and quantity. The large quantity will have low prices as compared to the low amount. Likewise, the larger size of the pin will cost you more than a small size pin.

Most companies have size charts available on their websites that show different sizes with their prices. So if you want to make your enamel pin in large quantities, Laser Teeth Whitening Kits they will not cost you much. And if you keep the size of the hard enamel pin small, then the cost will be affordable.

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The effect of artwork on the cost of the pin

The most fantastic thing about ordering custom enamel pins is that the artwork is free. Almost all the companies that offer their services to make custom enamel pins allow you to select artwork for free. You have to give them your ideas or concepts regarding the art, and they will make it up for you.

So ordering custom enamel pins is excellent because you will be saving hundreds in artwork costs. Furthermore, the revisions of the artwork are also free of charge.

The effect of size on the cost of the pin

The bigger the size of the pin, the more the price will be. The reason is that more material is used to make a bigger pin, so that the cost will be increased. If the pin is bigger, it has to be thicker to avoid any bending that may break the pin.https://www.raceofchampions.com/profile/top-gun-maverick-movie-at-home/profile

Commonly the thickness of enamel pins is between 0.75-and 2 inches. With the increase in thickness because of the size increase, the cost of the enamel pin will also increase.

The effect of thickness on the cost of the pin

It is pretty rare to be asked about the thickness you want for your enamel pin. In the enamel pin world, the thickness of a pin depends upon the size the pin has. Typically, a one-inch pin will have a 1.2mm thickness. The thickness of the pins with the size of 1.5 inches is usually around 1.5mm.

However, you can choose the thickness of the pin, but it will increase the cost up to 10%. A thicker pin has much substance and quality to the feel.

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The effect of colors on the cost of the pin

Almost all the companies offer eight colors for the enamel pins for free. Isn’t it great? In most cases, the enamel pin design requires 4 to 6 colors, and these colors make the pin look great. There is no extra cost attached to these colors. But if you choose to go beyond the eight colors limit, you must pay more.https://www.redbulltheater.com/profile/doctor-strange-in-the-multiverse-of-madness-free-online-cinema/profile

You have to pay some cents for every color you choose, more than the eight colors provided. The cost may seem a lot, but it is not because the company has to spend more effort and time to make such pins.


The cost of hard enamel pin increase with various factors discussed above. Some things are for free, like artwork, mold setup, finish, colors, attachments, and shipping but factors like size, thickness, quantity, packaging, add-ons, and base metal affect the price. All the factors depend upon your requirements and expectation for your custom hard enamel pin. The price range of a hard enamel pin unit range from $130 to $220, but it is up to you to increase or decrease the total cost by going over the price growing factors.

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