What is the right time to shift to VPS hosting?

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Shift to VPS hosting – We all know that shared hosting is the first go-to hosting solution for most users to get their websites online. Indeed, such preference is due to the affordability of the service. Furthermore, the resources offered in a shared hosting package mostly prove sufficient for the websites’ initial phases.

The traffic volume is lower during the initial stages, and the users don’t need much disk space. Hence, shared hosting works well. However, it pays off as you keep spending your time, energy, and resources on your website—indeed, the traffic volume has increased, and demands for a better hosting plan.

Various hosting options are available, such as dedicated hosting, but it is pretty expensive. Fortunately, a choice of cheap VPS Pakistan also exists that serves you well. In this regard, let’s delve into the hosting plan and discover when one should decide to shift to VPS hosting, after all.

Shared hosting

Shared server hosting serves multiple websites on the same server. These websites share their resources with each other, which means that there is no particular segregation of hosting resources for a website. Despite no dedicated allocation of resources to a website, shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution due to its low costs and ease of use.

Furthermore, static content websites go for shared hosting with optimum resources at affordable prices. However, like any other digital marketing product, shared hosting also poses some limitations and disadvantages that call for a shift to VPS hosting. 

VPS Hosting 

It is pretty evident that VPS serves better than shared hosting because the hosting plan is similar because the hosting providers host multiple websites on the same server. However, it can never be wrong to say that a reliable cheap VPS Pakistan plan provides you with shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

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On a VPS server in Pakistan, multiple websites are hosted on one server in a dedicated hosting environment. The websites do not share any resources with each other but enjoy a dedicated hosting environment at highly affordable prices.

The perfect time to shift to VPS hosting 

Initially, you may think that all the different hosting packages are identical. However, as described in the above section, this is not the case. On the contrary, you must be wary of your website’s growing needs and satisfy them as they should be. Therefore, here we discuss specific indications that imply the need to change the website hosting package, such as follows.

1. Loading speed

In today’s face-paced world, speed is everything, and the concept also implies the websites. According to the expert’s opinion, a mere delay of only 3 seconds may cost you billions. As various websites hosted on shared servers share resources, a sudden traffic spike of one website may cause downtime for the other website.

Furthermore, websites on shared hosting are prone to slow loading speeds which may cause your website to the crackdown.

Hence, if you observe any delays in the page loading speeds, it may be time to secure more hosting resources for your website to function correctly. Indeed, if you shift to VPS hosting from a reliable hosting provider, it will surely do the job.

2. Better control

While using shared hosting services, you don’t get much chance to have a hands-on experience with various aspects of your hosting resources. Mostly, the hosting services providers lay down a set of rules for users sharing a server to ensure a seamless hosting experience. Hence, you are pretty restricted.

On the contrary, if you consider getting a cheap VPS Vietnam package, you will be able to enjoy better control over your server. You can easily enjoy root access and choose the OS and software you need for your website. Furthermore, cheap VPS Vietnam from a reputable hosting provider will serve you much better security than shared hosting.

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3. Increased traffic volume

Undoubtedly getting your website traffic volume increased is the best thing a website owner can ever witness. However, growing traffic volume calls for an immediate shift to VPS hosting because shared hosting will be insufficient to cater to the traffic. Notably, when I mention traffic increase, I mean at least 300 visitors per day.

4. Better resources

Shared hosting is undoubtedly not for you if your website type and design require lots of images and videos. Furthermore, a shared hosting package does not promise a high-quality hosting experience, especially for heavy requests. However, cheap VPS Vietnam will make a better convenient option for you to store data and enjoy faster processing times.

5. Security 

One of the most viable reasons to shift to VPS hosting is the security concerns, especially if you are collecting sensitive data from your users. Due to a shared hosting environment, a website with shared hosting is more prone to security breaches. If one website is under a cyber-attack, the other websites on the same cannot avoid the risk of this attack anyways due to resource sharing.

Such security breaches not only damage your website’s reputation but also affect the SEO rankings of your website. However, VPS hosting keeps you from the risk of such security threats.

  1. Revenue 

According to the experts of the digital world, VPS hosting is the best-suited option for making money with a blog. Undoubtedly, VPS hosting is much more reliable than shared hosting because downtime of even some seconds can cause you to lose potential customers and suffer from significant monetary loss.

  1. Multiple blogs

Due to the same reasons mentioned above, shared hosting does not make a suitable option for hosting multiple blogs. Therefore, you must shift to VPS hosting if you plan to host multiple blogs on the same server. Indeed, VPS hosting can better handle the need for bandwidth and disk space accordingly.

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