Why do people leave luxury cars in Dubai?

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Dubai is one of the most elite class Emirates of middle East. And out of seven emirates of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is highly fortunate with quite rich and executive people. Also, being a business hub, this part of the middle East has the greatest number of well-off people from all around the globe. And Dubai is famous for so many things like tallest buildings, best infrastructure, outclass government policies for foreigners, high-end lifestyle, luxury hotels and variety of cultural tastes. And Craze of super luxurious cars is one of the factors of place’s popularity. Tourism rate also help out to flourish the business game of luxury cars in this part of the country. Most people prefer to choose best luxury car rental Dubai while being on their vacations in the city of dreams and fantasy. As it is affordable and unbeatable experience for lifetime.

Why Do people leave luxury cars in Dubai?

Dubai is very well known because of super cars. You can easily watch out rarely seen luxury cars on the streets of Dubai. That is extremely unimaginable in any other city. And this is not because the super luxury cars are very cheap here in Dubai. Reasons of so many abandoned cars parked at various odd places or middle of the highways are actually not really known for normal visitors. Let’s walk together to know the actual cause of left behind luxury cars in Dubai.

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Not able to pay off Debt/ criminal offence

As we all know car loans are extremely accessible for those who show their income reports. So, they can get car loan in Dubai. But this is not it, once you get your car on loan now you are obliged to pay off the debt in time. If not, then you just did criminal act as per the law of Dubai. So, you might get jailed because of not fulfilling the agreement. Many foreigners who start earning a hefty amount from their jobs in Dubai they start to buying luxury cars on loans. And once their job gone, they left behind with nothing but poverty. So, they won’t be able to pay off debt and leave their dream car in the country.

Selling car is not permissible as per law of Dubai

If you get a car on loan, you just cannot sell the car very easily. Owner must pay off the loan and then they can title the car on someone else’s name after selling them. So, many locals and foreigners choose to leave the car in Dubai and ran out the country to avoid mess or jail.

Impoundment or Jailed

Many car owners who just committed some crime. Or break any law. It could be any, either traffic law or fraudulent activity. They might have to face the impoundment or being prisoned. As the laws are extremely strict in UAE. So, all their expensive cars are not worthy to safe them anymore.

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Financial loss or crisis

As we all know Dubai is a business hub. And many people are earning handsome amounts and many entrepreneurs become billionaire here. And still working and earning a lot. But the case is not same for everyone. Many people got bankrupt because of loses and crises. So, they left the country and left the cars behind after financial loss.

Mortgage or accidental death

Many car owners have to mortgage their assets if they not being able to pay off debt. And many cars get abandoned by the accidental death of the owners. These cars can be kept for years and years at same place if they are not affecting the nearby traffic and people. It might be because that at some moment of time the relatives might come to use the belongings of their loved ones.


So, instead of buying a luxury car I would suggest you choose a luxury car like Rolls Royce car rental in Dubai. For living a lavish feel and experience and us these car as per your need and budget without being worried of paying of the debt. Get in touch with us for variety of luxury cars in affordable rate.

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