4 Tips for Helping Family Members Fight Substance Abuse

By Oscarjack 4 Min Read

Substance abuse can be a challenging problem to overcome and often lead to relapsing. However, there are many steps family members can take to fight off the addiction and improve their overall health. Learning more about the substance your loved one is abusing could help you create a suitable treatment plan and various tips to ease the cravings and other negative emotions caused by substance abuse. 

Take Up Positive Activities 

If your loved one is dealing with depression and other negative emotions that increase their need to abuse substances, it would be best to find healthy activities they can enjoy. The objective is to ease their mind and turn it into positivity instead of negativity. For example, painting is a way to expand their creativity and avoid situations that cause stress and unhappiness. Other positive activities your family member can take up include singing, exercising, playing sports, reading, or merely being around other loved ones. 

Listen and Offer Helpful Advice 

Sometimes just listening as your family member has moments of weakness is the best way to ease an addiction and lower the odds of relapses. Remember not to be judgmental when offering helpful advice. Doing so could trigger negative emotions and increase their need to abuse substances. By listening, you allow your loved one to get out what they need to say instead of keeping it closed up inside. In some cases, it would be an excellent idea to offer private conversations and listening sessions throughout the week. Being there could be all they needs to fight their addiction. 

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Help Seek Treatment 

Even with all the plans and steps, your family member may need more substantial assistance, such as substance abuse treatment. Professionals can step in to help fight the cravings for alcohol and various drugs. The treatment could also make life less challenging for you and other family members when helping your loved one stay strong and substance-free. The type of treatment your loved one receives will depend on the addiction, the difficulties they’re facing, budget, and other significant factors. 

Acknowledge the Achievement 

When your family member has achieved a goal, you should acknowledge the accomplishment regardless of how large or small it may be. Giving your loved one praise could boost their confidence levels and help stave off addictive behavior. It would be an excellent idea to provide them with awards, gifts, and various trinkets that they can carry around with them. When they experience urges to use a substance, they can look at the rewards and fight that craving. 

Being supportive and allowing your family member to lean on you is an excellent way for them to fight substance abuse. When developing a plan with other friends and family, think of the most positive activities and helping techniques based on your loved one’s preferences and addiction instead of what you would like to do. 

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