Best Amazon Seller Tools that VAs Use For Improving Your Amazon Sales in 2024

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When you are an Amazon Seller, you ought to deal with a lot of responsibilities in order to manage the operations. From the start, you might feel like it’s easy to handle it all! But, as the order count increases and your inventory stocks add up, things will start turning out to be complex. 

That’s the time when you might feel the necessity of hiring an Amazon FBA virtual assistant to offload some of your management tasks to them. This way, you will be able to free yourself up from the overburdens, and be free to focus on other important parts of running an Amazon FBA business. 

Upon hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA, your store operations and management needs will be approached with the use of various tools, which will help improve your sales rate. This way, your entire store operations will be streamlined, giving you the flexibility to expand your business without any management hurdles. 

So, if you are starting your Amazon Seller business anytime soon, you might feel the necessity of hiring an Amazon FBA virtual assistant at some point in time. But do you know what are the trending tools they use in 2024 to help you scale your online sales and revenue generation? Well, this article will elaborate on a few of them for you to be knowledgeable!

What are the 5 Top Amazon Seller Tools that VAs Use for Your Project?

When you hire an Amazon virtual assistant for your business, they will take up most of the repetitive or monotonous management tasks. But in the pursuit of executing those services, they make use of certain tools that make the overall job easier and more streamlined. 

So, do you want to gain insight into the different kinds of tools? Are you keen to know what among them is ideal for helping your Amazon business scale in terms of sales while being backed by the expertise of VAs? 

If yes, here are some of them elaborated well for you to know their efficacies and how VAs use them for streaming your business growth:

  1. Algopix

In the quest to attain success for your Amazon business, the first thing you must do is to determine the products you want to sell. When that’s done, you have already stepped halfway into attaining victory. 

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So, when you hire an Amazon VA, they can help you with eCommerce product upload services. But before that, they can help you with product research as well! 

And in the pursuit of doing that, your VAs will be using Algopix, which is a market research tool, which provides insights into specific product trends. This way, you will have enough information to decide on what products would work well for your store. 

With the use of this tool, your Amazon FBA virtual assistant will derive data from different products for assessing the potential profit margins. Following that, upon your consent your VA will also launch the products that are low on competition and are high in demand. 

  1. Feedback Whiz

Product listing is one of the most crucial services that you might prefer handing out to a dedicated virtual assistant for Amazon FBA store management. But over time, it is also important for you to optimize the listings for diverse reasons. 

There is no better way to optimize product listings than analyzing the customer reviews on specific products. For that, your eCommerce or dropshipping virtual assistant might have to use a dedicated tool like Feedback Whiz. 

It is one of the best email marketing tools that allows the VAs to launch their email campaigns easily to acquire feedback and generate more reviews. Thus, it helps your business to gain the trust of the customers and grow sales. 

  1. JungleScout

The supplier database of JungleScout is one of the unique tools for VAs to help find global suppliers for the Amazon FBA business. This way, you will be able to find various demanding products on a global scale that you can easily white label. 

Irrespective of whether you are in need of new suppliers or want to validate the authenticity of the current ones, your virtual assistant for Amazon FBA will use this tool to make it possible. 

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This tool also comes with a ‘Match Score’, which allows the VAs to identify the supplier to a specific product by searching it through ASIN, brand, product name, or company name. 

Not only that, but this outstanding tool also allows comparison of the supplier quotes under one roof to pick the best offer among all. Upon your instruction, the VAs will also help you manage the samples, track the purchase orders, and save the contact details. 

  1. MerchantWords

When you hire an Amazon virtual assistant for your business, one duty that you will offload on priority is the SEO aspects. To ensure that SEO factors are optimized for your products, a proper keyword research tool needs to be leveraged. 

MerchantWords is one of the popular tools that VAs consider to look for the best high ranking keywords for your product descriptions or titles. Incorporating them into your product content will help not just scale the search engine rankings but also Amazon’s search result positioning. 

Not just that, but this tool also consists of specific Amazon SEO tools for understanding the competition and boosting search traffic by using optimal keywords. Let your eCommerce or dropshipping virtual assistant integrate the use of this tool for growing your sales rate. 

Parting Words

These are just a few of the many tools that your Amazon virtual assistant will care to use, not just for helping you with eCommerce product upload services but also for boosting the all-round sales rate.

When your business is being carried out by a professional virtual assistant for Amazon FBA, along with the use of some sophisticated and trending tools, there is a high chance your products will stand out in the crowd. 

So, if you want to streamline your Amazon FBA business, now is the time to hire an Amazon virtual assistant for the job and let them use the power of technological solutions and invoke the magic. 

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