Best and Most Well-Known Hiking Trails in Saudi Arabia for an Adventurous Tour

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Saudi Arabia provides spectacular walking paths throughout the State, from towering peaks to ancient valleys. The country’s varied geography makes it a haven for both international and local hikers. Climbers and hikers from all over the world visit Saudi Arabia’s scenic hiking spots. Tourists may experience spectacular scenery provided by spreading valleys, a wide lava field, and antique rock inscriptions while capturing enchanting images on the course of these lovely hiking trails in Saudi Arabia. Trekkers are also permitted to camp at a number of locations along a few of these hiking paths. Therefore, Muslims who visit Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah through various economy Umrah packages or luxury Umrah packages can relax here and enjoy the beauty after their pilgrimage.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides hiking opportunities for both novices and specialists. For comfortable and secure climbing, one should conduct extensive study prior to beginning the hike. The following is a complete set of a few of the greatest hiking spots in Saudi Arabia to assist you:

Edge of The World

Jebel Tuwaiq is located 90 kilometers from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. The renowned mountain of Jebel Fihrayn is 15 kilometers away from the valley’s primary gateway. The peak is 300 meters tall and sits atop a 685-meter-high fissure, for a total height rise of 985 meters. The excursion is separated into two sections: 15 kilometers by car and 300 meters by foot. Though the majority of the journey can be readily covered by vehicles, the route to the pinnacle of the mountain is what draws hikers from all over the world. The escarpment is the consequence of tectonic plate movement. It is well-known for its breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. The terrain and cliff have a variety of coral as well as wooden fossils that awe hikers.

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Wadi Al Disah

It is a beautiful valley in Saudi Arabia’s northeastern Tabuk region. The region is bordered by lush greenery since the name Al Disah means “the valley of palm trees.” The valley is home to granite mountains and huge rock structures. It features various natural springs that add to the valley’s aesthetic attractiveness. It also has a number of Nabataean-era ancient monuments. The gate to Wadi al Disah is 260 kilometers from Tabuk. Trekkers must travel to Al Disah; a small village close to the hike. The trail ascends 400 meters over the ocean level. The path is open from November to March because of the favorable weather conditions that exist throughout these months. Its walk is approximately 15 kilometers long and may be completed on foot or in 44 vehicles.

Wahba Crater

The hiking location is roughly 250 kilometers from Taif and 323 kilometers from Jeddah, on the west border of the Hafer Kishb Basalt Plateau. The hike has an elevation decrease of about 780 meters. The Al Wahba crater, with a circumference of 6.9 kilometers and a depth of 780 meters, is one of Saudi Arabia’s most dramatic excursions. The crater was formed by a phreatomagmatic explosion and contains a large empty depression with a lake in the middle.

It contains white crystals of sodium phosphate that sparkle when viewed from above. A dry volcanic field may be seen on the crater’s north rim. The location is excellent for panoramic views. Climbers are advised to explore the crater between the months of November and June. If you wish to reach the site around the summertime, you should begin early or after 3 p.m., since the temperature may easily approach 45°C throughout the day.

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Al Ula Mountain Trek

The calm of hiking on a difficult trail across parallel valleys is incorporated into the Al Ula Mountain journey. The route offers picturesque vistas of lava rocks, gentle sand, and many Lihyanite and Dadanite petroglyphs. It houses a popular tourist site, the Lion Tombs of Dadan. In the wintertime, hikers may come across pools of water along the trail; consequently, they should be able to swim or contact their tour company for life vests.

It also features a Hidden Valley trip that is open at night while the moonlight sets over the valleys, creating a stunning Arabian desert ambiance. The walk begins at Dunkin’, Saudi Arabia, which is 55 kilometers from the Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz-Mogayla Airport. The path has no significant elevation increase, although it is a long journey. The months of October to April are ideal for visiting and participating in the Al Ula Adventure Trekking. Throughout these months, the median temperature varies from 15°C to 25°C.

Summing Up

Saudi Arabia is a must-see destination for visitors and hikers from all over the world. Aside from the prominent hiking routes in Saudi Arabia listed earlier in this section, the country has a plethora of additional lavish trekking options. Numerous approved travel firms work diligently to ensure that the adventure of hiking in Saudi Arabia is not just secure but also exciting.

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