Best Skincare Tips For Eczema Affected Skin 

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Eczema is a condition that makes the skin red, dry, bumpy, and itchy. It damages the skin barrier that acts as protection from external factors such as bacteria and environmental pollutants. Eczema can affect any person regardless of age, and it shows up on various parts of the body such as the neck, hands, ankles, inner elbows, face, knees, feet, and around the eyes. And Due to the flare-ups can negatively affect an individual’s social life and impact their self-esteem.  


Like many skin conditions, eczema is not treatable. You can only manage its symptoms by following a strict skincare routine that best suits your situation. Here are several proven tips that can help you treat eczema.  

Control Eczema Irritation 

One of the main symptoms of eczema is itchiness. It is an uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to scratch the affected area. The sensation can worsen the condition since it leaves an open wound that allows access to foreign pathogens into the skin, causing inflammation.  


Luckily, you can use cannabis-based products to ease symptoms. The topical application of CBD or hemp cremes can help to moisturize and reduce itchiness. Also, THC oil is mainly consumed for its anti-inflammatory potential. Ensure to consult a dermatologist before adding any of them to your routine.  


Further, experts recommend using a moisturizer at least three times a day and applying it generously. It keeps the itchiness at bay and reduces flare-ups, especially at night when the body temperature promotes an uncomfortable sensation. However, you should always do a patch test and watch how your skin reacts to the moisturizer before using it on the entire face.  


A 2017 case study shows that the participants using moisturizers witnessed fewer flare-ups during the period than the non-moisturizers.  

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Shower with lukewarm Water 

A hot shower may feel good for the itchiness since it provides short-term relief by stimulating the nerves on your skin. However, its long-term effects may worsen eczema because it strips off the natural oils on the surface, leaving it feeling dry. Such temperature can even lead to inflammation, causing more irritation and itching.  


So, having a lukewarm warm bath may help keep eczema symptoms in check since it is gentle on the skin. It allows your skin to retain its natural oil, which decreases dryness that can cause tightening of the skin. Further, take short showers, ensure you have a clean towel, and moisturize immediately after taking a bath.  

Have a Consistent Skincare Routine 

Most people suffering from skin conditions are always looking for overnight solutions that can give them glowing skin. However, no product can heal you within 24 hours, especially regarding eczema. You will always find people providing advice on which product to try including homemade items that can worsen your skin.  


So, if you have been using a specific product that effectively reduces eczema symptoms, stick with that routine until a professional doctor prescribes others. Further, besides the products you use on the face, having a strict way to wash and moisturize your face is also crucial. Any slight change can trigger the eczema symptoms to flare up, especially when you have an important social event.  

Use Less Soap 

Most soaps are made with harsh detergents that irritate your skin and cause dryness and worsening eczema; in fact, soaps have an average PH of 9 to 10, and the skin’s PH is 4 to 5. Due to these disparities, the soap changes the skin’s normal PH levels to unfavorable levels causing flare-ups.  

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While it’s not possible to shower without soap, experts recommend using very little of it, especially on the affected areas. You can focus on parts prone to dirt and sweat, such as the armpits, groin, and neck.  


Moreover, choose soaps that are mild with less or no fragrance. Somebody wash contains scents and dyes that can further irritate the skin, such as itchiness, dryness, and redness.  


Take Disinfection Baths 

Individuals suffering from eczema are prone to bacterial infections that can worsen the condition. For this reason, taking a bleach bath might assist in disinfecting the affected area. You can take these baths twice a week to decrease the inflammation and heal an open wound that might have happened during itching. However, you should first consult your physician if you are allergic to bleach or have an asthma allergy that can pose a health risk to your body. 

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Check your Triggers 

When battling eczema, some factors or foods can worsen the flare-ups. It is essential to keep a diary of the factors that make your condition worse to avoid such things even when traveling or on vacation.  


Eczema is a skin condition that affects individuals of all ages and races. It can negatively affect your self-esteem, making you withdraw from having a social life. However, you can manage eczema and eliminate its symptoms by following these proven tips. It will leave you with a smooth and glowing face, ready to face any challenge that might come your way.  


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