5 Best Things To Do In UAE [2022 Bucket List]

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Strolling through the lavish mosque or basking in the desert sun. There is nothing in the UAE that will make you feel less than an Arabian Royalty.

So, are you finally planning the UAE trip that you have saved up all your money in?

The iconic Burj Khalifa and the sand dunes are common places that you will always find in tour plans, but your bucket list has to be a unique one.

Not saying that you shouldn’t visit common places, but it is all about your bucket list.

Just imagine the satisfaction of striking something off of your bucket list. Something which no one has done before, and you are the first one to speak about your experience.

Boy, that is an experience we would all love!

So, let’s pack our bags and get ready for the mesmerizing dunes, and learn more about the Things To Do In UAE.

Massive royal halls, and major theme parks, are crowned with shoppers’ delights. Your UAE trip shouldn’t be worthless.

So, for all our travel geeks out there, this is a chance to learn to make the best bucket list for the UAE.

There Is More Than You Can Expect

There are more things that you can expect from UAE than your mind would allow you. A diverse physical features…that is not something we expect from UAE, right?

However, did you know that it has rocky mountains as well?


So, keep reading to find out more wonderful things about the UAE.

Places Perfect For Your Bucket List (Things To Do In UAE)

Here are some of the best-compiled places for you in the UAE. They are here to perfectly ornament your bucket list.

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1. Enjoy The Mesmerizing Views Of The Hajar Mountains

When you visit the United Arab Emirates, a mountain range is not the first recommendation that you essentially expect. However, you would be missing out on something mesmerizing if you did not visit this dramatic mountain range.

It has rocky terrains, historical destinations, and a great place to cruise through the wilderness of UAE. Located at the meeting point of Oman and UAE, this is a good destination where you can start the geographical, historical, and cultural curves of the place.

2. Please Your Soul In The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheik Zayed holds 1,096 columns of amethyst-and-jasper, reflective pools, 82 white marble domes, and gold-plated Swarovski chandeliers. Can there be any other architecture that would speak more Arabic royalty than that?

If you are an architecture enthusiast looking for Things To Do In UAE and want to see Islamic architecture in its full glory, then you have to visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This place also holds a Guinness world record for having the largest hand-woven carpet.

Plus, all the calligraphy all around the domes will take you years back.

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3. Ajman For All The History Buffs

The United Arab Emirates capital itself is a great place if you are visiting the place to delve into some Islamic history. From the National museum, Seneyah Island, to the UAQ Fort & Museum, this place is packed with all the historical heritage, crowned with the best amount of scenic view when you are tired of the history.

Do not miss out on the capital city if you are visiting UAE; you wouldn’t regret it.

4. Visit The Beaches Of Ras Al Khaimah

Yes, beaches!

You had your mountains, and now you will have the beaches. But, the beaches of Ras Al Khaimah, you are not just visiting any beaches; you are visiting some of the most luxurious beaches in UAE. Could anything be better for your list of Things To Do In the UAE?

You will find some of the private and public beaches which will provide you with the best sandy spots. Sometimes, from all the walking and sightseeing you are tired, so now all you need to do is have a beach relaxation.

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5. Shopping In The Souks

This could be the shenanigans of the last few days, but you cannot miss out on the shopping in the Souks bucket list. You can never cover the entirety of the Souks, but with the prices differing from your country, this will definitely be your favorite place.

This will probably be your favorite among the Things To Do In UAE. 

There is perfume, gold, shoes, Spice, and textile, and the list doesn’t end. So, if you are planning a shopping spree, we suggest you carry extra baggage because the Souks are tempting.

Things To Keep In Mind!

When we get excited about a place, especially something as beautiful and breathtaking as UAE, sometimes we can get clouded with excitement. Therefore, it is important to know these few things before you finally visit the place.

If you do not wish to get burnt to crisp, then you shouldn’t visit during the summer months. The heat is absolutely punishing! So, it is better if you visit between the months of October and April.

UAE is a conservative place, and those rules extend to tourists as well. Dressing and acting modestly is very important in these lands if you do not wish to find yourself in jail and under harsh lawful punishments.

Before you decide on Things To Do In UAE, book your flights and hotels six months in advance if you wish to save some money.

Show respect to the religion, especially if you are visiting during the period of Ramadan.

When you visit some of the historical places and huge mosques, try to ask permission before you click a picture.

Happy Traveling!

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