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When it comes to robotic surgery or simply robot-assisted surgery, it can be described as a surgical technique advancement. In this, computerized robotic arms are used by surgeons along with small tools mainly attached for carrying out complex surgeries. The robotic surgical system offers the surgeon a magnified, 3-D, and magnified surgical site’s view.

By the surgeon, the surgical instruments are mainly controlled with the help of a console for direct specific surgical instruments, which are more flexible and smaller in size in comparison to the human hand.

The best robotic prostate cancer surgeon near me can be found on basis of reviews. On its own, the robot fails to perform the surgery. The surgeon’s hand movement is just mimicked along with the attached instruments to the robotic arms, whereas this is chiefly controlled by the surgeon.

Surgery details

  • With the help of an advanced surgical system, the miniaturized robotic instruments are mainly passed by many small keyhole incisions in the abdomen of the patient allowing the surgeon for removing the prostate and along with great precision nearby tissues. This is much less invasive in comparison to prostatectomy of conventional radical retropubic which comprises an abdominal incision extending mainly from the belly button to the bone of the public.
  • During the prostatectomy of robotic-assisted radical, equipment of three-dimensional image and endoscope processing are mainly used for offering a delicate structure magnified view surrounding the prostate gland, which allows these vital structures optimal preservation. Eventually, the prostate is removed through an incision’s one of the keyhole.
  • The surgeon for most of the surgery is seated at a computer console, and tiny wristed instruments are manipulated that provide motions range far greater in comparison to the human wrist. The performance of surgery is done without entering of surgeon’s hand into the body cavity of the patient.
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Technical advantages: To the conventional open prostate cancer surgery, robotic prostate cancer surgery might be considered superior to it in several ways. The procedure’s technical advantages are:

  • There is surgical site’s improved visualization along the mobile camera system offering a magnified and three-dimensional view, thus, allowing prostate precise removal.
  • The robotic arm’s movements are precise, fine, free, and tremors devoid.
  • The procedure provides minimally invasive surgery advantages while sparing nerves for preserving sexual potency and also sparing continence for preserving urinary control.

Patient outcomes: This procedure is mainly performed using six or give keyhole incisions, and offers the advantages of:

  • Reduced blood loss.
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • Faster healing.
  • Catheter’s earlier removal is like 1 week.
  • Reduced hospital stays.
  • Less postoperative pain.
  • Less scarring and small incisions.
  • Able to get an erection sooner again.
  • Incontinence is a low risk, like the ability to control the bowels and bladder.
  • Quick return to normal work (2-3 weeks).

Side effects

The most usual side effects comprise the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction or simply impotence: The erectile function return following prostate is mainly based on the preoperative sexual function’s degree, patient’s age, and whether during the surgery the nerves were spared. On the nerve tissue, unless the cancer is suspected the surgeon’s night use techniques of never sparing during robotic prostatectomy to minimize the surgical impact mainly on sexual function.
  • Urinary incontinence or simply control urine inability: Just like open surgery urinary incontinence can occur by following robotic prostatectomy. Often this side effect improves over time.


It can be concluded that robot-assisted surgeries provide precise action that is hand tremors devoid. It is easy to find the best robotic prostate cancer surgeon near me in New Jersey. It enables the surgeon for performing the procedures most complex along enhances dexterity, control, and precision.

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