Guide to Choose Good Portable Speakers

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Modern smartphones have seriously advanced in terms of functionality, but they still haven’t learned how to produce clear and loud sound through the speakers. For listening to music at home, while traveling or while relaxing in nature, speakers are ideal. In this regard, the article presents everything you need to know.

Criteria for choosing portable speakers

There are 6 criteria that are considered when choosing a portable small bluetooth speaker.

Dimensions and weight of the device

The weight and dimensions of the device are very important, especially if you plan to use it outside the home. Therefore, for these purposes, you need to choose a small unit.

If the audio system is purchased for the country house or for audio playback at home, then a larger device will be required.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the speaker is formed from several parameters:

  1. Speaker power.The volume of audio playback depends on how many watts are in the speakers. The most compact models have a power of 3-5 W, and larger devices – from 15-20 W. You need to select a column in accordance with your needs, because the closer the volume is to the maximum, the more the sound is distorted.
  2. Frequency range. The wider it is, the more believable the sound. The minimum frequency in compact models is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Whereas in steep speakers, the upper frequencies exceed 20,000-30,000 Hz.
  3. This parameter determines how good the sound from the speaker will be. In most models, the sensitivity is 50-100 dB (the higher the better).
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Connectors for connections

The wider the interface, the more types of devices the column supports:

  • Micro-USB – for recharging the gadget.
  • Lighting – for connecting with iOS phones.
  • USB port – for recharging other gadgets (the speaker acts as a Power Bank).
  • MicroSD – for connecting a flash drive.
  • Mini jack 3.5 mm – for listening to audio through headphones.

Advanced models are also equipped with Wi-Fi. With it, you can control the speaker system through a mobile application.

Classes of protection of the device against moisture and dust

If the column will be used outdoors, then you should take care of protection from moisture and dust. The degree of protection is defined by the letters IP x and has a number from 1 to 8. For example, the IP20 standard protects the case from light rain, and IP68 allows the device to be immersed in water.

Battery life

The capacity of the battery depends on how long the audio speaker will work on a single charge. If the device is purchased to play music while cycling or outdoors, then the battery capacity must be at least 2200 mAh. Of course, this is the minimum indicator, because. at medium volume, such a portable speaker will work for 5 hours. And for listening to music at home and holding discos, the autonomy of a Bluetooth speaker should be more than 10-15 hours.

When choosing acoustics, it is worth considering that in the description of the model, the manufacturer indicates the operating time at medium volume, and not at maximum.

Additional functions

Expensive models are equipped with additional features:

  • Equalizer – is responsible for setting the sound to popular musical genres and directions.
  • Speakerphone – allows you to use the speaker to talk on the phone.
  • 360-degree stereo audio – creates 360-degree stereo sound.
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Experts recommend choosing speakers with a radio (FM radio). But it all depends on the preferences of the buyer.


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