An Ultimate Guide to Exploring Abu Dhabi with Your Family

By Arslan Shah 7 Min Read

When it comes to visiting Abu Dhabi with family, choices are unlimited.  If you are in Dubai, don’t miss Abu Dhabi with the little ones. Abu Dhabi is just an hour’s drive away from Dubai. The city of glam and glitz with amazing beaches is more than accessible.

Based on an island extending from the mainland into the Arabian Gulf, there’s no surprise that the beaches are stunning. Along with this, the skyline is also dominated by skyscrapers with some unique architectural designs. Being the capital of the UAE, the city has incredible landmarks such as the Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari world and many more. If you want to visit this city, these are some of the best activities to try with your family.

Warner Bros World

Warner Bros World is the latest entertainment sensation to hit Abu Dhabi for families.  Based in the entertainment zone of Yas Island – the park is just a few minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It’s an indoor entertainment complex that means best for summers.

It is fascinating to know that this park is best for children over 110cm. However, there are still variety of rides that younger children can get involved with.  Stand out favorites so far include Tom & Jerry’s Swiss Cheese Spin, The Riddler’s Revolution, Fast and Furry-ous in Dynamite Gulch.

The Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi’s Emirate Palace is opulence defined. It is a sprawling building where simply no expense has been spared. Keep in consideration that everything in the palace oozes extravagance and gold is the dominant color signifying the wealth with incredible finishing touches.

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The Emirates Palace was commissioned by UAE founder Sheikh Sayad. It was significantly designed to have joint meetings of the 7 Emirates. Sayad was instrumental in unifying the 7 separate Emirates to form the UAE in order to become stronger together and maximize return on the oil reserves.

Long with this, the Emirates Palace is still in use today. It has also become a pricey hotel option for the mega rich in order to host all manner of weddings or salubrious gatherings.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

The Cormich is the main beach front of Abu Dhabi stretching out over 8 km as well as hub of social activities.  Over the years various sections have been developed for family beaches, facilities, restaurants, as well as palm tree-lined pedestrian walkways, and life guard stations.

Enjoy the Corniche in multiple ways. At the high end of the scale, try a day pass to one of the luxury resorts. You can also join from the public beach at the end of 30th street.  Moreover, all sections where swimming is permitted have lifeguards on duty. There is also a small section fenced off for families to enjoy with a small entry fee.

Mangrove Kayaking

If you think that Abu Dhabi is all about beaches and desert, that’s not true. The city also offers mangroves and kayak trips- one of the best activities to try with families. It’s a huge contrast with a desert safari. The Mangrove National Park is in Abu Dhabi is located out of downtown and visited from the Eastern Mangroves Marina.

Hire the kayaks and go out into the mangroves alone or with a guide. The marina has also variety of restaurants to have lunch or dinner. An Abu Dhabi mangroves Kayak trip depends on how much time you spend in exploring the mangrove forest. The Mangrove National Park is 70 square km as well as home to several endangered species. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some of them. However, if you want a soothing experience with your family, Yacht rental Abu Dhabi is another better option.

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Ferrari world

If your kids are an adventure lover, there is nothing better option than Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi.  It is surprising to know that Ferrari World is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster. It’s not a conventional theme park, there are some amazing rides for adrenaline junkies, a huge hit.  There are lots of Ferrari’s to be wowed by and soft play options and rides.

For families with children, the park is recommended children under 110cm. For children, over 110cm, there are multiple amazing options. In order to sit in a roller coaster, they have to over 130cm but there are plenty of options for other rides.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an amazing architectural masterpiece. Move over Taj Mahal, it’s a competitor. This white marble wonder hits many records. It has the largest chandelier as well as the carpet in the world.

The inner courtyard of the Mosque is empty allowing stunning uninterrupted views of the mosque from every angle. The colonnade corridors with tall columns are crafted with intricate designs.  See the mosque in the night with a variety of lights giving it a completely different look.

You can have a relaxing and enjoyable walk around the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Your kids will love to explore this masterpiece. The mosque is the epicenter of local traditions. It would be best of female visitors wear an abaya and cover their hair.

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