Mercedes-Benz S500 modified WALD surround exhaust kit ACE 20-inch wheels

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Introducing the Mercedes-Benz S500, redefined and elevated with a captivating twist. With the striking WALD Surround Exhaust Kit and the sleek ACE 20-inch wheels.

This luxury sedan has been transformed into a statement of style and performance. In this brief showcase, we’ll delve into the captivating modifications that make this S500 a true standout on the road.


  • lifter
  • repair tool


  1. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the top luxury car launched by Mercedes-Benz, a brand under the German Daimler Group. It inherits the exquisite car-making art of Mercedes-Benz for more than 100 years, and is inspired by endless technological innovation. In terms of safety and environmental protection, it has more than 30 advanced and enhanced equipment. An excellent car you can rely on. This car not only has the traditional high level of driving comfort, large luggage capacity and luxurious interior atmosphere, but also improves agility.
  2. Today our protagonist is the Mercedes-Benz S500
  3. Mercedes-Benz S500 modified WALD encirclement in progress
  4. The modification is complete, let us enjoy the blockbuster together
  5. The latest package for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class includes wilder front and rear surrounds, side skirts, side fenders, spoiler and chassis diffuser. The lower air intakes of the front of the car are sprayed black for more visual impact, and there are LED daytime running lights on both sides Euro Car Parts Discount Code NHS at NHS Discount Code
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BMW X6 how to modify X6M surround kit

How to modify the X6M surround kit for BMW X6, and at the same time change to a set of American champion GTC exhaust kit

  • American ED brand X6 to X6M surround kit
  • American Champion X6M GTC Series with Remote Valve Exhaust
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  1. Disassemble the original X6 Yanyang Automobile Batai Fertilizer Surrounding Kit, prepare the surround, paste the original car radar seat on the new X6M surround, install the fenders, front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper Yann, Surrounding kit such as rear lip.
  2. After installing the surrounds on the car, remove the original car exhaust and install the champion exhaust on the car
  3. After the completion, see the picture of the installation effect after the modification


  • The installed exhaust requires an additional double-way pipe

BMW X5 to X5M surround kit

  1. X5 is known as the originator of BMW BMW SUV, and its status in the refitting industry has not been as popular as its brother X6.
  2. Let’s take a look at the product map of the BMW X5 to X5M surround kit
  3. BMW X5 to X5M surround kit rear bumper
  4. BMW X5 to X5M surround kit wheel eyebrow
  5. BMW X5 to X5M surround kit fender
  6. BMW X5 to X5M Surrounding Kit Four Exhaust
  7. The installation process of the BMW X5 to X5M surround kit master.
  8. Installation of front bumper of BMW X5 to X5M surround kit:
  9. Installation of the rear bumper of the BMW X5 to X5M surround kit:
  10. BMW X5 to X5M surround kit fender installation
  11. installation of side skirts for BMW X5 modified X5M surround kit
  12. BMW X5 to X5M surround kit modification renderings:

New Land Rover administrative modification STARTECH surround kit * wheel hub * exhaust

Refitting car fans can say that regardless of age and car type, they refit to create their own unique models, so as to show their personality and get the highest return rate in the traffic flow.


  1. Stunning startech widebody surround makes Land Rover Range Rover executive change this car murderous
  2. The executive version of the startech surrounds the front part of the car with a new-shaped bumper. Air vents are designed on both sides of the front bumper. It is not only beautiful, but more importantly, more air can be introduced through the diversion, which is conducive to heat dissipation.
  3. The front bumper uses an LED daytime headlight to replace the original design. In addition to meeting the daily functional requirements, it also looks cooler and tougher.
  4. The square exhaust of the pipe, the perfect fashion combination with the body
  5. Full domineering rear bumper. .
  6. 16 new Land Rover administrative modification STARTECH widebody surround air force kit four exhaust.
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16 new Porsche Cayenne modified GTS4 out of the surrounding exhaust wheel kit

  • 16 new Porsche Cayenne modified GTS4 out of the surrounding exhaust wheel kit
  • turbo front bumper
  • Front lower guard
  • side skirt
  • wheel eyebrow
  • rear lip
  • GTS tail tip
  • exhaust
  1. First, lay out all the things to be changed.
  2. Next up is a set of GTS wheels.
  3. Because it is made of PP original car, the installation is done after spraying the paint in advance, mainly to save the time for the car owner to wait for painting, and they can drive away directly after installation.
  4. The master is carefully assembling it, and the quality seems to be pretty good!
  5. The small details of the front bumper, the installation position is very good! “Perfect”!
  6. Changing the surround, of course, the hub is indispensable, the effect is good, just want this kind of feel Amazon Promo Code 10 Off Anything
  7. The side changes are mainly highlighted on the hub and skirt!
  8. There is not much change at the back, because only a rear lip is changed, and the original single-port exhaust hole has become this sporty 4-exhaust exhaust, which makes people feel completely different
  9. With the GTS wordmark on the tail cover, you can see that it is a GTS
  10. A set of effect pictures were taken on location, and the overall effect is very satisfactory

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