Pepper spray guns – effective but dangerous

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Instead of spray, there are also capsules with the same active ingredient. These are filled into a special pistol and shot down. On impact, the irritant is released. A pepper spray gun is particularly dangerous: the projectiles reach a speed of up to 500 km/h.

Application and effect

As shown in current repellent spray tests 2022, the application of pepper spray is simple and requires no previous knowledge. However, german shepherd jokes you have to be able to aim well. Also, make sure to have your hand on the pepper spray and respond quickly in an emergency. The range depends on the spray, three to four meters are standard, more expensive products can still work even at a distance of seven meters.

Pepper spray attacks

Pepper spray is not only used to ward off an attack. Passers-by are increasingly becoming victims of pepper spray attacks in public places: For example, there have recent incidents in which pepper spray was used in the subway or pepper spray at the gas station to rob people or cash registers.

Tip: Pepper spray is not allowed on board an aircraft. This applies to carry-on baggage and checked suitcases. Due to the high air pressure, the spray can can detonate.

Professional use of pepper spray

Pepper spray is not only used privately. The police use water cannons and tear gas as a last resort during demonstrations. And security companies also use pepper spray. However, they have a special permit for use. Often the more effective pepper spray gun is used here.

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Hint: There is a suspicion that pepper spray and psychotropic drugs can enter into a lethal interaction. In the worst case, pepper spray can be fatal to drug-addicted patients during therapy.

Questions and answers about pepper spray

Which manufacturers are there?

There are many brands and manufacturers of pepper spray. Most offer different types. With high-quality sets, you get pepper spray and alarm in one. But there are also cheap pepper sprays, which also work well. Among other things, there are the following manufacturers of pepper spray:

  • KO 
  • Fog 
  • KH 
  • Security 
  • Ballistol 

In which countries is pepper spray prohibited?

While in Germany a pepper spray must be labeled as an animal repellent spray in order not to fall under the weapons law, in other countries it is regulated differently. For example, pepper spray is prohibited in the UK, even in dangerous situations – so do not take any defensive spray with you to the UK.

Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden also have strict regulations, and in the Benelux countries, the spray is considered an illicit food for gsd in southern Europe, only Greece is so strict, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, but also Poland and Slovakia allow the possession and use of pepper spray under certain conditions such as a license, the age of majority, or the proportion of the active ingredient capsaicin.

Hint: European countries where there are no restrictions on the possession and use of pepper spray are Switzerland, Austria, and Serbia. In the USA, the respective federal states are responsible, and in Canada, it is only very sporadically prohibited.

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