Planning to Join AA Meetings? Here are Some Questions to Ask before you Begin

By Arslan Shah 4 Min Read

AA is an abbreviation for “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

These are gatherings that work like support groups for those struggling with alcohol addiction. Before you join an AA meeting, there may be some questions to ask for a better understanding of how it actually works. We take a look at a list of queries to put forth.


Questions to Ask before Considering your Decision to Join AA Meetings 


  1. How do I know where these meetings happen?

  2. AA gatherings are extremely common these days. You simply need to look for an “AA meeting near me” and there will be multiple options to choose from. Consider choosing the one that is closest to your place of stay or place of work, whichever is suitable for you. 
  3. How do I enroll?
  4. Usually, there would be no formal process for enrolling. You can simply turn up and join a meeting. However, if there are contact numbers available, you may wish to call in and enquire about a few details concerning the gathering. In case enrolment is necessary, you can register yourself with the help of a number or any other identifying term perhaps. 
  5. What would be the prerequisites for joining an AA gathering?
  6. Luckily, there are n prerequisites for AA meetings. You can be anyone from anywhere, as long as you wish to take part in the gathering for fighting addiction and abuse. No questions are likely to be asked about your identity. Even your name is kept a secret. You or anyone else joining this gathering is not expected to divulge their true names. That is why it is called “Alcoholics Anonymous”.
  7. Are Online Gatherings a Possibility? Owing to the new ways of the post-pandemic era, online gatherings have become a reality of sorts in many places. With things limping back to normalcy, offline sessions have resumed. However, if you still wish to have a Zoom interaction, you can look for the same. If it’s a remote access meeting, the location naturally, wouldn’t matter. Maintaining privacy and anonymity is way easier when you opt for an online meeting. However, missing out on actual social interactions is a pitfall. Social connections work wonders with those struggling to conquer addiction issues. 
  8. What about costs? AA meetings are generally free. You do not need to pay anything to be part of gatherings like these. You are free to join any gathering you wish to. There is no compulsion to stick to a single location. The only way you can pay back is by scoring handsomely on the sobriety calculator
  9. What about religious affiliations? Whereas AA gatherings began with religious affiliations, they have largely become atheists in essence and spirit now. You can belong to any religion and your affiliations will never be questioned. Neither will you be asked to practice any specific religious traditions. 
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When you join an AA meeting in Iowa, it is important to choose one that engages a mentor. A mentor works wonders towards steering your recovery plan, ensuring better results and long periods of abstinence.


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