Precautions to be taken before the ICSI treatment procedure

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ICSI treatment

ICSI is the best procedure for men with infertility issues. In this procedure, the doctors will keep the male cell inside the female cell. The nucleus of the male and the female cells will join to form the zygote. The zygote will be kept inside the uterus of the woman. If the male has poor sperm cells, and if the cells have poor motility, then the ICSI treatment procedure is the best option.

Who is the ICSI treatment procedure for?

ICSI treatment procedure is not for all. If the couples have the following medical conditions, doctors will suggest ICSI for them.

  • The male partner has a low sperm number
  • The male cells have poor movement
  • The male cells have a poor structure
  • IVF treatment has failed in the couple
  • Those who have unknown causes of infertility
  • In some men, doctors will take the male cells from the testis. This can happen in both living and dead persons. For these people, they will do ICSI treatment. Other treatment options will not work for them.
  • If the doctors are using frozen male sex cells to fertilize the egg, then they will adopt the ICSI process.
  • If the male partner has undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc, then ICSI is best for them. 

Causes of female infertility:

There are a number of causes of infertility in women. The main cause of infertility in women is cysts in the ovaries. For some women, there will be blocks in the fertilization tubes. In some women, the cause of infertility is not known. Older women and women with more body weight can also have infertility.

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There can be many reasons for female infertility. Irrespective of the cause, ICSI is the treatment for male infertility and not for female infertility. For the success of the ICSI treatment procedure, the egg should be in good condition. This is because the doctors will keep the sperm inside the egg. If the couples use donor eggs, then ICSI is the best to do. 

Another treatment option recommended for different causes of infertility in women are

  • Induction of ovulation:  doctors will recommend medicines to release eggs. With this medicine, many mature eggs will come out of the ovaries.
  • Intrauterine insemination: the doctors will place the male sex cell directly inside the women’s body with the help of a needle.
  • In Vitro fertilization: the doctors will join the male cell and the female cell in the lab. They will then transfer the fused cells inside the woman’s body.
  • Sometimes, the doctors will freeze the embryo to use it for a later stage. This is also a treatment for infertility issues.
  • Surrogacy: couples can also get help from other women to conceive their baby. 


What are the risks of the ICSI treatment procedure?

There are no risks with this procedure. It is safe for both couples. However, there is a minimal risk of damaging the eggs when doctors inject them with sperm during the ICSI process. 

Precautions to be taken before the ICSI treatment procedure:

For the ICSI treatment procedure to be successful, it is important to contribute healthy sperm and eggs. 

  • Stop smoking
  • Do not take alcohol
  • Maintain healthy body weight
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get good quality sleep
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There are many causes of infertility in women. But all the causes are because of one of these reasons. By maintaining a good lifestyle, it is easy to conceive a baby. 

Bottom Line:

ICSI treatment procedure brings positive outcomes in cases of male infertility. In couples where IUI and IVF fail to work, ICSI is the treatment of choice. The success of this treatment process is high and helps couples embark on their journey of parenthood at the earliest. 

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