Reasons Why People Facing Hair Loss After COVID-19?

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Facing Hair Loss

When we talk about the list of pandemic side effects, then it is as long as the potential symptoms that are linked with Hair loss. Among all other side effects of COVID-19, the most common is hair loss, which is known as the trouble effect at the emerging stage of the pandemic.

However, there are many things about COVID-19 which are still in mystery, and getting an idea about such things is crucial. Knowing illness completely can change your life.

Now, dermatologists and researchers are not only checking hair loss after COVID-19 19 but also trying to know the mechanism and cause behind this condition.

A scientific publication by Dr. Elijah Henry Williams states that hair loss is the main phenomenon that lies behind COVID-19 and raises questions about why there is hair loss after COVID-19.

Physiological Stress:

COVID-19 is the major cause of physical stress in your body. Due to this virus, your body starts swelling, which then produces stress hormones such as cortisol. High cortisol can cause hair loss and disrupt the growth cycle.

Post-Illness Telogen Effluvium:

Among all other reasons, the major reason behind hair shredding is the telogen effluvium. The condition may happen after severe fever, which then also disrupts hair growth and its cycle. Due to this condition, many hair follicles start entering the resting phase and cause hair shedding.

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COVID-19 Treatments and Medication:

Medication Side Effects:

COVID-19 has many symptoms, and there are many medicines used for this condition, but these also have some side effects, such as hair loss. People use many antiviral drugs and medicines suitable for the viruses, but these also affect hair follicles and cause hair shedding.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

COVID-19 causes a loss of appetite and leads to nutritional deficiency. Not taking enough minerals and vitamins required for hair growth products may cause hair loss.

Psychological Impact and Mental Health:

Psychological Stress:

COVID-19 is not only the cause of physical stress, but it also causes psychological stress. Anxiety, stress and fear may lead to psychological effects, which then cause hair loss and other conditions such as alopecia areata.

Changes in Lifestyle:

Lockdowns and isolations badly affect the daily routine and cause lifestyle changes, which then affect health. Improper diet, no exercise and wrong sleep patterns may cause hair loss and other conditions like this.

Patience and Time:

Remember that post-COVID-19 hair shredding is a temporary stage. After recovery and a decrease in stress level, your hair starts growing and returns to normal growth, so give some time to your hair and keep patience.

Nutritional Support:

Following nutritional support and proper diet are the major role players in hair regrowth. Ensure to add vitamins, minerals and protein-rich foods to your diet and reserve nutritional value for healthy hair.


COVID-19 has become the most common and shared concern of hair loss among people. So, knowing the main reason behind this condition, as well as the side effects and other factors, is crucial.

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When you embark on the journey of recovery from this condition, both physically and emotionally, you need to be patient and adapt the right methods as well as support. With the right care and support, you can boost regrowth and resilience!

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