The perfect oral care routine to keep your teeth strong!

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Teeth are subject to wear and tear with age as they help break down food. It is essential to take care of them to slow down the process of tooth erosion and decay. Cleaning your teeth can get rid of plaque and cavities. It can also prevent gum diseases and lead to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and pneumonia. Bacteria in your teeth can travel in your body and cause wreckage. Unclean teeth may also appear dirty, and yellow can be physically unappealing.


To properly care for your teeth, you need to have a good oral routine that keeps the teeth strong. A healthy oral regime has some basic things that you need:


  • Toothbrush – A Dentist in Lahore can guide you on which type of toothbrush is best for your teeth. Many dentists recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles.


  • Toothpaste – A fluoride toothpaste is best for clean and tough teeth. It will slow the process of enamel breakdown and accelerate the process of restoring minerals.


  • Floss or interdental brushes – Toothbrushes may not reach the nooks and crannies of your dental structure. To clean teeth fully, floss or an interdental brush can reach the tricky areas and remove plaque.


  • Mouthwash – Get a mouthwash according to the condition of your teeth. A wide variety of mouthwashes are available in the market, and you can select them as per your need.
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Tips for an ultimate oral care routine

1.      Brush your teeth twice

Ideally, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day to help clear your teeth of bacteria and plaque. Morning and before sleeping is the best time to brush. Brushing at night eliminates all the plaque build-up throughout the day. Brushing for two minutes is enough to steer clear of germs when you clean your teeth.


2.      Brush properly

Proper brushing technique is vital for cleaning out any bacteria in the teeth. Move the toothbrush in gentle and circular motions to remove as much plaque as possible. Brush your teeth from the front and the back, and do not hurry the process. Plaque can build up on your tongue, so ensure you clean it.


3.      Do not skip flossing!

Most people think brushing your teeth is enough to keep your dental health intact, but they are wrong. Flossing plays an essential role in clearing the plaque in the inner corners of the teeth. It can take out any food stuck in your teeth too. Though it can be hard to reach difficult areas in your mouth through floss, other tools may help if floss is not helping.


4.      Use a mouthwash

Although people tend to skip this step, it is a crucial part of teeth cleaning. Mouthwash helps take out any residual plaque left after flossing. It cleans difficult areas and gets rid of bad breath. Do not skip this step if you care about your teeth.

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5.      Restrict sugary or acidic foods and drink

Foods with sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth. Sugar can lead to cavities by causing teeth erosion as sugar converts into acid and damages your teeth. Acidic foods, including fruits, teas, and coffee, can also be detrimental to the health of your teeth.


6.      Be regular at dentist appointments!

Oral health is vital to your overall health. Erosion can increase teeth sensitivity and also lead to cavities. Those who take good care of their teeth need to visit a Dentist in Karachi at least twice annually. They can help assess any destruction to your teeth and provide solutions for it.



Dental health is a vital part of overall health. Classic oral hygiene includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash. Brushing with the correct technique and using the products suitable to your teeth can keep your teeth and gums strong and decelerate teeth deterioration.

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