Tips for Improving Website Design to Boost Lead Generation

By Arslan Shah 4 Min Read

As a business owner, you will obviously want your website to generate leads. Because it is the “leads” that go on to become paying customers. 

But, things may not go as planned. You may find that in spite of your best marketing strategies, there aren’t enough buyers. It’s not that you can click on a magic button to get leads. 

Should you handle web design aspects of your site independently?

For lead generation, you have to focus on SEO, marketing campaigns, and website design. And, to make it work for you, it is advisable to reach out to professional services that can take care of web design for your site.

Tips to tweak website design to improve lead generation for your business:

  • When you want your site to produce more leads, its design needs to be optimized keeping the target audience in mind. In short, it should relate to what your buyers want. It must encourage them to complete certain actions. This means making information relevant and easy to access so that your clients can find what they are looking for with ease.
  • Optimizing page loading speed can help retain customers to your site. Statistics show that when a page fails to upload within three seconds, viewers tend to navigate elsewhere. 
  • It’s important to make the correct use of white spaces; this is seen to be more effective than images. If you think that graphics alone will catch the attention of your prospective customers, you are mistaken. Too many images confuse the viewer and he is hesitant to take action. Focus on making a clear design that guarantees better conversion.
  • Navigability is very crucial for getting leads. When users find it hard to get what they want from your website, they will be discouraged. The site must be easy-to-use and information must be easy to spot.
  • The overall design of the site must be professional and credible; at the same time, it should be eye-catchy. Most conversions depend on user experience and site design. The design needs to reflect your brand because the visitor should be able to recall your brand. So, the choice of colors can be an important matter.
  • Visitors often leave when they cannot find content that matches their queries. The user needs to take some action to become your lead. But if this action is missing, there is no lead. You need to know their conversion paths to see which areas, where users are getting stranded, are.
  • Sometimes users cannot identify CTAs or call-to-action which is integral to the lead generation process. This is why the design must be simple so that visitors can see what they need to do.
  • Testing landing pages is important in lead generation; its elements and design will impact conversion. Even the “Thank You” page is vital because users should have the freedom to “unsubscribe” if they wish to. This accounts for a positive user experience.
  • Use videos to boost visitor engagement. This provides content whereby users can access detailed information about your products. So, before a user signs up, he needs to be certain that you have a product that will benefit him.
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These are simple changes that can make a world of difference to your marketing efforts. In this way, marketing agencies will help you get more leads for your business. Your visibility grows and your customers don’t leave the site empty-handed.


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