What Are the Best Shower Head For High Water Pressure

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A shower valve in your bathroom performs two important functions: it controls the water flow rate and controls the water temperature in the shower. Depending on functionality, the two important varieties of shower valves are thermostatically controlled valves and manual mixer valves. 

Other than the basic shower valves, most best shower head for high water pressure come with a diverter option. Here, you can flick the diverter switch to turn on the taps or to permit water into your shower head. There are premium models of shower valves that can let you simultaneously use the taps and water. In this specific blog, you can learn about the various types of shower valves for use in the bathroom.  


Types of Shower Head for Bathroom Use 

The different types of shower valves for your bathroom are as follows:

  • Exposed shower valves and concealed shower valves

Depending on the features of the valve designs, there are two types: exposed shower valve and concealed shower valve. An exposed shower valve has the pipes and the outlet connected above the tiles on the bathroom wall.  

In concealed shower valves, you can only view the controls. The water outlets and connecting pipes will remain hidden inside the wall. A concealed shower valve will look good in a contemporary bathroom as it can provide a fresh look to the shower unit. 

  • Manual shower valves and thermostatic shower valves 

A popular type of shower valve found in households is the manual shower valve. It is a popular choice of the valve due to the simplicity and ease of use it provides. Compared to an water therapy negative ion used for other purposes, this valve has one lever that can let you control your water flow and water temperature.

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The control lever can lead to a good water temperature and pressure balance. This valve is sufficient for most of the secondary bathrooms. But a thermostatic shower valve is made intelligently that can help you always maintain a comfortable temperature. One of the main benefits of this valve is that it does not allow the water temperature to go above the preset value. 

  • Diverter valves 

These shower valves are unique and versatile units, and this valve can work as you like depending on the outlets used. A single handle can control the direction of the water flow from the desired outlet, whether it is a slide rail kit, shower handset, or deck-mounted bath tap. This 3-way diverter shower valve can allow you to deliver pre-mixed and temperature-controlled water to the outlet you want. 

You can turn on the hot and cold water taps to make the water reach the desired temperature. After this, you can flick the valve to allow pre-mixed water to flow from an outlet of your choice. This is a handy feature that can allow you to bathe your dog. These valves are available in four options, 2-way, 4-way, and 5-way. 


Final Words 

There are various  best shower head for high water pressure that you can use in your bathroom. Based on what you need in your bathroom, you can choose a shower valve, and you must ensure to purchase it from a reputed water solutions company or shower valve manufacturer. 

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