Who Should You Call When Tree Branches Fall?

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Tree and branches can fall at unpredictable times. However, when they happen, the impact can be devastating. Whether the cause of the fall was initiated by high winds, an ice storm, or toppling from a rotten branch, the primary concern is to evacuate your family to safety. Then, do an assessment to identify the extent of the damage. Usually, a lot of factors will determine who to call. Read on to know some of the phone calls that you should make. 

Call 911 

If, after doing a quick assessment, you notice some damage, the first thing is to report the incident by calling 911. The emergency services will respond promptly by sending their crew to your property. While some people may be tempted to clear off the mess on their own, it’s not advisable. You risk falling on the slippery roof or getting electrocuted from the tampered power lines. The emergency response teams are trained for such jobs. They’ll assess the situation further and find a safe solution. 

Call Your Insurance Provider 

Before the clean-up process begins, you should call your insurance company. They will come and file a report for any possible claim of the damage caused. Usually, the insurance companies are thorough. They would want to document the scene from all angles to determine whether the damage caused by a homeowners’ negligence or natural occurrence. 

Call an Arborist 

Preferably, your arborist should be present alongside the insurer during the assessment. Because of the intensive training and skills, your arborist will help unlock the complex tree situation surrounding the fall. Besides that, the arborist also has the right tools and equipment, such as cranes and loaders. Therefore, contacting professional tree removal companies will ensure the clean-up is done in a safe and efficient manner. Consider removing your tree if you notice that it has started to become too old or infected to feasibly maintain. Dying trees can become hazardous and should be removed quickly. 

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Call a Roofing Contractor 

Depending on the severity of the damage, the falling branches can puncture holes on your roof or damage shingles and the attic. In that case, picking a local and reliable roofing contractor will help you with the repairs. Since there are many storm chasers in the roofing industry, you may want to take your time to avoid falling into their hands. Your roof means a lot, and you can’t afford scammers to handle it. 

Trees bring a lot of benefits to your home. By adding value, cooling your neighborhood, and breaking cold winds, you have every reason to plant and care for them. However, in the presence of strong weather elements, their branches can fall, causing damage and losses. To avoid these, you need to work with an arborist. They’ll help you trim and tender your trees to ensure they remain weather resilient. 

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