Why Do Periodontists Use Different Periodontal Instruments?

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Periodontal Surgery Instruments


Good oral health and a strong immune system go hand in hand to keep your body naturally fit and active. The mouth is the starting point of your digestive and respiratory systems. So, any problem related to oral health can affect the rest of your body. Thus, it is of great significance to take care of oral hygiene and never ignore any oral issue.

Though, you may suffer an oral issue despite all care and proper hygiene. In such a situation, you need the help of a medical expert to treat different issues related to gums, cavities, fractured teeth, worn teeth enamel or filling, etc. In this article, you will learn how dentists treat gum-related issues by using periodontal instruments.

Why Visit a Periodontist

The oral issues specifically related to swollen gums, pain, and bad breath fall under the category of periodontal diseases. This disease affects the tissues that surround, protect, and support the teeth leading to severe pain.

But you can get the help of a periodontist to prevent, diagnose, and treat all gum diseases. A periodontist uses a special surgical instrument kit that contains different periodontal tools to treat all gum-related issues to save your teeth from any extreme pain and damage to gums.

Periodontal treatment is of paramount significance for ensuring your periodontal health. It also reforms the alveolar bone. Now, let’s understand ten importance of various periodontal surgery tools during periodontal surgery procedures.

Importance Of Periodontal Instruments

The primary role of periodontal instruments is to help periodontists in diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases. Their function is to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth’ surface to make them clean and germ-free. The surgical instruments for periodontal procedures are categorized into two types

  • Manual instruments
  • Machine-driven instruments
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The power-driven instruments include sonic and ultrasonic scalers while the manual one includes

  • Incisional and Excisional Instruments
  • Periodontal files
  • Periodontal curettes
  • Periodontal chisels

Now have a look at how these different periodontal instruments work during scaling and periodontal surgical procedures.

  1. Incisional and Excisional Instruments

Surgical knives and surgical blades fall under the section of incisional and excisional instruments. These knives are both single or double-ended and selection depends upon the type of the periodontal tissue. Besides knives, blades help to cut interdental areas. These surgical blades come in different sizes and shapes.

  1. Periodontal File

The periodontal files are ideally used to remove supragingival calculus and drooping amalgam restoratives. Such files become difficult to clean due to their sharp and short blades. These blades require a pull stroke to continue working. Moreover, it works ideally for crushing and fragmenting moderate to heavy firm tissues.

This periodontal instrument is lightweight and reliable. It is easy and safe to use during periodontal surgeries. German stainless is the basic manufacturing material of periodontal files that make them durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, sterilization processes don’t affect the body of this equipment. These files have further variations to assist periodontists during a surgical procedure.

  1. Periodontal Curettes

Periodontal curettes are surgical tools that are very helpful for root planing and scaling. This instrument is ideal for removing the calculus and plaque above or below the teeth’ surface.

These surgical curettes have a special design to use for all teeth surfaces and different mouth areas. Besides it, its tips are good to protect the soft tissues of teeth.

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Periodontal curettes have further variations so the periodontists can choose the one needed for specific treatment. The high-quality German stainless material also makes this surgical tool durable and robust for long-run use.

Like the above discussed periodontal surgery instruments, the other tools also help the medical experts to make periodontal treatments easier for the patients.

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